you're better now

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daddy pov

"good morning, princess", i coo and kiss princess's cheek. "come on baby, get up. it's a new day for cuddles and kisses—", she puts her hand in my face to stop me from talking.
"go away!", she yells.
"what's wrong, princess?", she buries herself in the covers and ignores me. "i'll come back later, okay?", she says nothing.

i leave and go make breakfast for me and roni.

"where's princess?", roni asks helping me get out the food.
"i'm not sure, i'm thinking she's on her big girl period or something"
"should i go check on her? i'm worried"
"i think she might just need some space", she nods.

i make us some eggs, waffles and bacon. i also made princess some chocolate waffles, bacon and fruit. and let's not for get her apple juice.

after eating breakfast, i go back and check on princess. she's in her crib, crying.

"oh my! what's wrong, princess?!", i rush to her.
"me! i'm the issue! i'm the problem! i'm worthless, daddy!", she cries and roni rushes in. "you guys would be better off without me!"

"no, don't say that. we love you", i hug her.
"yeah, princess. you are not worthless, you are everything to us and life wouldn't be the same without you", roni adds.
"you guys don't mean that. you're just saying that to stop me from crying", she crosses her arms.
"we mean everything we said, wholeheartedly", I pick her up and kiss her. "let's get you some food"

"no! i-i d-don't want food", I could hear her tummy grumbling.
"i just heard your little tummy grumble, i made your favorite", i coo.
"no, daddy. no food, i fat!", she pouts.
"stop saying that, you're perfect and beautiful. you are not fat", i take her and put her into her high chair.

she kicks and screams. i finally get her in the chair and she sticks her lip out and crosses her arms.

i cut up her food and put it in front of her. she goes to push it on the floor but i catch her hand before she does it.

"no, no, no, we're not gonna do that now", i put some food on the fork. "now open up", she closes her mouth shut.

i tickle her a little and she has no choice but to laugh. i put the food in her mouth and she gives me an angry look of defeat. she happily chews her food though. once the food it's her hungry tummy she eats all the rest of the food without a fight.

"see, eating wasn't that bad now, was it?"
"i guess not", she continues to pout.
"now how about you go play with your new puppy"
"omg! i forgot about fuzzy wuzzy, where he at?"
"he's on his doggie bed over here", i put princess on my hip and place her next to the bed.

she plays with the puppy for a while and i go do some work. after about thirty minutes, she runs into my room limping and holding her arm.

"daddy! daddy!"
"what happened, princess?"
"fuzzy wuzzy, bit my finger and scratched my leg", I look at both spots she points to but nothing is there.
"does it hurt?"
"uh...yup", she nods.
"i'll get you some ice", i go into the kitchen and she follows me.
"fuzzy wuzzy is a meanie!", she yells.
"princess, he's just a baby like you. sometimes he does things that he doesn't mean. i bet he i sorry and didn't mean it"
"he seems pretty evil to me", she continues to limp around the house but now on the other leg.

i put her on the counter, "where does it hurt again?", she points to two different spot from the first time.
"daddy, it's cold!"
"i know, it's ice"
"me no like it", she hops off the counter. "me better now"
"you're better now?"
"yup, i feel better daddy", she skips off to play with her puppy again.

this girl is all over the place.


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