What if? (2)

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Author's note:

I know this is strange to write an alternative story. I just miss writing on this story. 

(Also I love Jack) so here is another chapter! (posted on the same day as the last because I love writing hehe) 

enjoy! (and also comments help me write faster. it encourages me)  


I was out for maybe an hour, so I got up and looked around the empty room. No Jack.

I went around the room and saw something small and shiny, so I looked closer.

“You’re recording me?!” I gasped.      

“Safety reasons” He said over a speaker. 

So I got away from the camera and laid in the bed. The door opened. 

“Sleeping all day cant be fun” He told me. 

“Its better then thinking of my situation” I murmured. 


I looked up at him and his eyes were a shade of red, not exactly fully red, the green was still in there. 

“Why does your eyes change color?” I whispered. 

“That is an excellent question” He grinned. “Our race has what we call mood changing eyes. Green is neutral, blue is sad, red is angry, purple is happy, gold is excited, brown is fear and black is murderously angry” He flashed his teeth.

“So you’re angry” 


“How come you look so.. Human?” 

“Cross breeding throughout the years.. My mom was human” 

I bit my lip. He said all the females had died, and I’m guessing his mom had died as well.. I missed my mom so much. 

“So Samantha, what would you like to do other then go home?” He asked. 

“How do you know my name?” I ask this now? 

“I may have followed you.. Looked at some records..” 


He shrugged. I hated that I couldn’t get under his skin, he just seemed at ease… 

“Am I the only one who was taken?” 


“Can I see the others?” 

“After a shower” 

I looked down at my clothes. Jeans and a red shirt. The clothes I had worn when I was taken. 

“Fine” I sighed in defeat. 

He flashed a smile, then helped me up. I followed him to this shower room. A bunch of white shower curtains everywhere where showers were. A guy stood in front of a shower. 

“Hello Henry” Jack greeted him then opened a shower for me.

“Jack” Henry nodded. 

I got in the shower and washed my hair and body, then I thought of something. I doubted it would work… it was worth a try though. 

“Can I have a razor to shave your majesty?” I asked rudely. 

“You may” Jack handed me a common one and I started the shower. 

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