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Been listening to this for the past couple of days on repeat^^

I call this one: how to talk back to a boomer and make a kpop reference at the same time

Aight let's go get the tEa

Aight let's go get the tEa

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"Wait Felix! I wanna ask you something"

"Why am I here? Why did you pick me the other day? Why are you being good to me? Buying me clothes? Why?"
There was a pause.
"You don't like it? S-s-orry. I just didn't know. You may go."
"I asked, why?  I did not ask for an excuse"
"Because y/n I like you"
I stood up and walked out saying
"Don't be too good to me, Lee Felix."

7 hours later

I walked into my house after a long day of walking up and down the streets. I took off the expensive clothes and accessories off. Why did he say he liked me? It's too like a dream. It can't be that my ultimate bias in kpop likes me back. I contemplated life just sitting on my bed in pjs.

He can't like me.

Ya he can. Did you hear him? Did you hear his eomma?

Yea but just.....I refuse to believe it. He's just........confused, yeah....confused

As you say so.....look who's here

The doorbell rang pulling me out of my deep thoughts. Fuck. I'm in my pjs.
I opened the door and my eyes went wide.
"Lee Fe-"
I was cut off with Felix kissing me. I comprehended what was happening and kissed him back and he smiled.
"Don't think of me as a creepy stalker, but I asked 50 people where you lived before finding you. Don't leave me. I know you might think I'm confused af and that I'm weird for wanting to be with a fan instead of someone my own status, but come with me. Come be my teacher. Please."
He gave me puppy eyes.
"Well for someone who stole my first kiss, I'd have to say ddaengggggggggg. So where do you want to go?"
"Somewhere where my girlfriend wants to go."
I paused and looked at him.
"G-g-irlfriend. O-o-o-ok. Um um what about um the beach."
He smiled at my flustered and blushing face and headed to my car.
"I'll drive" he said.
And so we headed to the beach. I kept staring at him. His features popped out of his face and his hair oh it was more handsome in real life. He smirked.
"Am I that handsome?"
"Tsk tsk tsk I thought so."
Shit did I say that aloud?
We parked the car and spread a blanket. The wind pushed his hair back and he smiled at the setting sun with his hand around my shoulder. The sun set and his warmth surrounded me. He smiled and hugged me kissing my forehead. We fell asleep in each other's arms smiling.

I opened my eyes to see Felix and a bunch of fan girls. They were flirting and staring rudely at me.
"Who's ThAt?"
"My girlfriend. Why?"
Silence. I opened my eyes to I see the girls stare with eyes as big as mirrors.
"Why is she ugly?"
"Joy, lets go. There's nothing to see here."
I rolled my eyes.
Felix picked me up and carried me to the car. I laughed as he tickled my sides. A man walked past us smiling and commented "cute couple. I hope you turn out well." I blushed while Felix buries his laughing form into my stomach. We drove to Mrs.Lee's house where we were met with angry boys.
"Dude where were you gone to?!"
"We were worried!"
"Felix did you do anything?!"
"Y/n are you alright?!"
"Did he hurt you?"
I smiled at their worry. They were so cute.
We explained to them what had happened. I was laughing along with them as I got a phone call.

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