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Here's the "new and improved" chapter, enjoy

I sat down on a bench looking at the Sidney Opera and listening to Korean music

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I sat down on a bench looking at the Sidney Opera and listening to Korean music.
"Stray Kids everywhere all around the world-"
Someone tapped my shoulder.
"Miss I'm sorry to interrupt you, but may I sit here?"
A deep Australian voice said. I jumped and turned to him. And I fell. Two hands wrapped around my body. People walking by snickered and shook their heads.
The boy sat me in the bench and I opened my eyes. His gummy smile tore through my heart.
He nodded, but his smile fell a little probably because I was a fan. He patted my hair down and asked, "Sooooo can I sit here?"
I nodded and went back to my business as Felix stared at me.

Why is he staring at me?
He thinks you're cute.
Aish, stfu brain. I was always the badass weirdass kween. What happened?
Ooooo~ somebody's in looooove.

"I said shut up."

Felix turned to me with a questioning gaze.
"I-I its nothing."
"Excuse me?"
My face burned. I heard him call me cute. The Lee Felix called me cute.
"What's your name?"
"So pretty"
I blushed.
I heard shouting and screaming. Felix straightens up and puts his arm around me.
"Just act like you're my girlfriend. I'll treat you to a fancy meal later."
I was jungshook. My face was red, but I acted closer to him.
The boys came up and stopped in their tracks.
"We lost."
"Hell yeah you lost" Felix smirked making my insides feel warm.
He stood up with my hand in his and walked off.
"LETS GO BAE TO A GREAT RESTAURANT," he said extra loud.
The rest of Stray Kids was staring at us.
He took off, still holding my hand and we made it to a fancy cafe.
"But I'm not dressed-"
"Gurl. Let's go to the store then. My treat for making you embarrassed in front of my members."
We headed to Gucci where I picked out a blue velvet jumpsuit and a matching jacket. I picked up a blue sparkly handbag and heels. My hair was in an Ariana Grande ponytail. Felix stares as I walked out of the dressing room and immediately blushed. He himself was wearing a full on suit and his hair was gorgeously dyed orange. Handsome Lee Felix was standing in front of me offering me his arm. I'm dreaming I thought as Felix slid his credit card and we walked out.
"Hey. Let's not go to the restaurant. Let's go to an event lololol. Don't worry people don't know we're going, so there won't be rumors about anything. I just want to give a good fan a treat, you know. You can leave anytime."
I sighed and looked at him straight in his beautiful eyes. Then I nodded.
He jumped up and down and we headed down the street, earning stares and gasps. We reached the theater and sat in the VIP section. We sat hand in hand. I was blushing like crazy. Within minutes I heard Stray Kids snickering and a camera flash and oops and more laughter. I turned and whisper-yelled, "WOOJIN A LITTLE HELP HERE. CHAN I THOUGHT YOU WERE MATURE. SQUIRREL, BABY CHANGBIN STOP. THANK YOU EVERYONE ELSE FOR ACTING NORMAL."
That did it. They shut up while Felix pulled me closer. Occasionally I heard a laugh, but I ignored it. My face- no my whole body was burning up as Felix wrapped his arm around my waist and whispered jokes into my ear. But soon I heard a snore and Felix's head rested on top of mine. So just to make him more comfortable, I rested my head on his shoulder and shifted his body into a more rested position. I knew that this was the only time he gets sleep, so I didn't care about his arms drooping around my waist and shoulder.
Once the show ended I didn't hear snoring, but Felix stayed in that position for a very long time until Chan shook him. He jumped up and apologized to me for being in that position and helped me up.
"Hey. It's dark. I'm worried something will happen if you go out onto the streets alone. Come with us to my mom's place."
He looked at me with puppy eyes and I sighed in agreeing.
We knocked on Mrs.Lee's door and she opened it with a smile similar to Felix's. Felix introduced me and she welcomed us inside.
Later that night, I came downstairs to get a drink of water and I saw Mrs.Lee at the table, knitting. She looked up and motioned for me to sit with her.
"Honey, I'm glad Felix found you."
"Oh Mrs it's not like that. I'm actually a fan of Stray Kids and this happened on accident."
"Sweetie, I know my son. Even if you only met today, the way he looks at you is like you've been with him his whole life. Remember my words."
I blush and murmur a thank you.
I was supposed to share a room with Felix since the bedrooms were limited.
He was nowhere in sight and I needed to take a shower. So I peeked through the door. And saw Lee Felix. Naked.
I gasped and looked away. Suddenly the door opened and a Felix in sweatpants stepped out.
He put his hands pinning me to the wall. Then he smirked and whispered, "You like what you see?" He leaned forward towards my face. The gap was closing and I felt his hot breath on my lips. He closed his eyes. I could almost feel his soft lips when someone walked in and we jumped back.
Chan smirked.
"Ok lovebirds. Sorry for ruining your moment, but it's 1:51 am. We're giving a concert tomorrow night. Get your asses into bed."
As we lay there in the dark, I remembered how this started.
"Um Felix. What did you win today? Why was I supposed to act like your girl?"
He turned to me and said
"Aren't I just so good looking?"
"Dude don't go off topic."
"Ok fine. We bet to see who could get a girlfriend first without knowing her in less than a day."
"You're disgusting. Goodnight you little  butthead."
And then we fell asleep. The Lee Felix of Stray Kids and me.

I heard a dolphin laugh. Then a picture flash. Then a "oh shit I forgot to turn flash off again."
I grabbed the person by the ear.
Lee know screamed. I hushed him. Then I tried getting out of bed, but a strong hand at my waist stopped me from moving.
I looked over and saw a sleeping Felix. It was the most cutest thing I've ever seen. I melted like a normal fan would. Except a normal fan wouldn't be sleeping in the same bed as Lee Felix.
Mama Bear aka Woojin walked in and screamed OH HELL NAW FELIX YOU DIRTY BASTARD GET UP
Felix woke up and immediately kissed me in the forehead.
"Ok this is real" he said.
I was blushing head to toe.
I hushed Felix with a hug and a kiss on the nose.
He muttered something and walked into the bathroom.
"Wait Felix. I need to ask you something!"

 I need to ask you something!"

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