Imagine: Kissing Chenle

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Also yes I plan on doing the "imagine kissing" for every member. If there's a specific one you want to see next let me know!

• so like he's only a year younger than me yet I think of him as such a lil baby ooF-

First Kiss:
•kind of awkward
• but super super super super(human) sweet
• like omg is he even real?
• he'd honestly probably ask you if it was okay first
• okay hold on let's set the scene:
• I'm thinking it'll be like a third or forth date. He wouldn't do it before he felt like you were 100% comfortable with it too. He doesn't want to scare you away
• honestly just such a gentleman
• so you two go on the date and have a great time and it gets to that kind of that cliche part where he's walking you home at the end of the night
• and you two stop outside your house and turn to each other. You probably are holding hands uwu
• you kind of hoped and expected him to do it but you weren't really sure because he seemed hesitant
• but then he'd be like "Is it okay if I kiss you?"
•(Honestly lets get more Chenle's out there don't just attack me with your tongue please-)
• and it would make your heart melt because wtf usually guys just go straight for it but he wanted to make sure you were comfortable that's so preciOUS
• you would nod and he would slowly lean in a do it
• it wasn't anything crazy just a small and gentle peck
• he'd be a smiley and wave bye he might even jump up and down a little bit
• and you went inside and couldn't stop thinking about it the whole night (,:

Kissing now:
• he still likes to make sure you're comfortable, but he doesn't ask every time because that you be annoying and kind of weird
• instead, he goes into the kisses reallyyyy slow so that you have time to tell him to stop if you want to
• his lips are super soft and plump
• I think kissing him would just be kind of fun. Like you two aren't serious and it doesn't last super long and it isn't like making out or anything. Just a bunch of playful pecks and what not
•basically just ends in a lot of giggles and laughs and the kisses don't last super long though because you two start laughing
• it's hard for you guys to stay quiet long enough to actually make out 🤷🏻‍♀️ you two are loud little dolphins and need to talk/make some kind of noise to live
• I think as you get older you'll obviously make out more and get deeper but for now don't worry about it
• he likes kissing your hands too (,:
•he'll just be holding your hand and slowly/quietly raise it up and gently kiss it without making a big deal
• I think it kind of turns into his thing
• overall kissing Chenle is equivalent to kissing an angel and anyone would be lucky to be blessed by this boy

I'm sorry this one was so bad omg. It's hard for me to picture kissing Chenle and this took so long to write idk why agsjsbsjdhejeb IM SORRY ♥️♥️

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