we need to talk....

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This the day after the last chapter

You woke up to of course see Narancia in your arms sleeping you kiss his head and get up not trying to wake him up you get ready for the day and walk out the door to see Bucciarati on the couch he was just sitting there waiting for something... or someone. He looks up with a serious face "(y/n), can we talk?" He said and he sounded super serious "y-yes of course" you replied with obvious fear in your voice. He made a hand gesture to sit next to him, when you did he asked "what are your plans for the future?" He asked out of nowhere. "Well uhhmm probably just finish school and then get a good job then settle down" you replied. You where scared you never seen Bucciarat this stone cold it's like he had no emotion. "What do you plan to do with Narancia?" He asked
"We-w-well hes going to be the one I settle down with". Bucciarati pats your head and says "good answer" he hugs you and says "I love you (y/n). Your like a son to me". You begun to cry
"Thank you" you said you two talked a little more and then Bucciarati said this "when your ready I wouldn't mind you and Narancia getting married". Your heart pumped faster and faster married? But that did seem like an idea you wouldn't mind.

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