❤Incomplete Love❤

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   Hola peeps...hope you all are doing well....anyway this thought popped up in my mind while i was trying to sleep so thought to write it down..hope you all will like it.

         'I wanna make love to you', he blurted out as soon as she picked up his call.

      'What? You are mad!' She laughed while replying him.

      'Yes! I'm mad. Totally mad in your love', he said.

      'Stop being cheesy Mr. Oberoi', she said while going back to her cabin.

     'I'm not being cheesy sweetheart. It's called love baby. And you tell me what can i do when i have so hot and beautiful wife', he replied to her with a cheeky smile on his face.

    'To be wife Mr. , not wife', she immediately spoke blushing.

     'Whatever', he replied uninterestingly listening her reply.

     'Have some patience shona. We are getting married next week only', she said listening his uninteresting reply. Well, she called him shona out of the blue one day and he loved listening it from her, so he asked her to call him shona only.

       'Yes! And i'm hellllllllll excited for that', he said excitedly while she chuckled.

       'Shivaay',  she spoke softly on phone.

     'Hmm annika', he asked.

   'I love you', she said with so much emotions in her voice while he smiled brightly listening those three magical words from her. It felt like honey to his ears.

     'I love you too baby, that too more than you', he replied while a lone tear rolled down her eyes.

     'Waise, i never thought that i could have such a unique love story', she said.

      'Ab unique toh honi hi thi na. After all Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki love story jo hai'('It has to be unique na. After all it's Shivaay Singh Oberoi's love story'), he said with his usual tadi while she rolled her eyes.

     'Excuse me! It's my story as well. Aur Annika Vardhan Trivedi ki har cheez unique hi hoti hai. Hugh! ('Annika Vardhan Trivedi's everything is unique')', she said with proud in her voice.

     'Vaise toh tum mujhe sunaati rehti ho ke main tadi dikhata hu. Tum mein bhi kuch kam tadi nahi hai' ('You always keep taunting me for showing attitude. You are also not less for the same') , he said while she frowned.

      'Oh please! Aapse toh kam hi tadi hai mujhme' ('Oh please! I have less attitude than you'), she said not realising that she indirectly accepted that she has attitude.

      'That means you are accepting that you have attitude', he replied smirking while she bit her tongue.

      He laughed out loud. Even she couldn't help laughing too.

     'Achaa shona! I have very less time as i have surgeries lined up.', she said to him.

     'Meri jaan! Please don't stress yourself too much. I don't want my to be wife looking dull in her own engagement.', he said to her ever so lovingly.

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