Chapter 25 - Yui Lashes Out

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"Alesha?! Why...are you here? Please tell me this is not true?" Angela was disappointed, hurt and angry all in one when Alesha had appeared in front of her and with Jacob of all people.

It took little time for Alesha to reply to her; "It is true, Angela! Believe me, you deserve so much better than that girl...and like Jacob said, she's a really bad influence on you..."

Angela was even more confused at why even Alesha didn't like Momoko and couldn't get her head around why that was so.

"...But I love her! She treats me great, she's cute, she's funny, she's kind and has a heart of should know that because you have known her for a little while now, right, Alesha?"

Alesha looked disgusted when Angela praised Momoko and replied soon after.

"But Angela! This relationship is is unnatural and she is unnatural...God made us all straight and Momoko's bad influences has already affected you...Jacob here is a nice Man and is willing to fight for you...why don't you be with him?"

Jacob was grinning when Alesha said her piece, Momoko was getting angrier as she could hear everything Alesha said about her and Angela was also getting upset.

"Angela...listen to Alesha, this Woman has sense and she is completely right about everything! Momoko is no good for you...I mean, she wasn't there for you for most of your life, but I was!" Jacob said cunningly.

Momoko's anger was literally showing through her...she then however calmed down a bit when she had just thought of a great idea and all she needed to do was tell Angela about it.

"Oh, please! Momoko has and will always be a better lover than you,'re nothing compared to her!" Angela said fuming.

Jacob's grin had immediately disappeared as soon as he heard those words come out of Angela's mouth and he started boiling with anger...he really wanted to hurt her and stepped forward to attack her only to be held back by Alesha.

"Jacob...calm yourself down! We'll have to give Angela time to think it over...I'm sure you'll eventually come around, won't you, dear?" Alesha said while looking and waiting for an answer from Angela.

Angela was so annoyed that she looked at both Jacob and Alesha with disgust; "If you have nothing else to say, can I leave?"

"Yes, of course...I'll speak to you tomorrow when you wake up, okay?" Alesha said smiling at Angela.

Angela looked at both Jacob and Alesha and gave them a dirty look and then she walked away from them.

As she was walking away, Alesha and Jacob had also turned and walked the other way until they both disappeared from the scene.

-Back at Momoko's Place-

Momoko and Angela are discussing what had just happened and Angela was fuming...that was until Momoko had tried to calm her down.

Angela didn't really know why Momoko was not fuming like she was when she was actually insulted the most.

However, as soon as Momoko had calmed Angela down, she had told her about the plan she had thought of.

Angela listened to what Momoko had to say and then after Momoko had explained the plan to Angela, Angela was scared but thought it was genius.

After they had both were ready and got into bed, they stared at each other few a couple of minutes while smiling...they then kissed each other and kissed each other again after a few seconds and then kept kissing each other until they locked lips...their kissing lasted all night and there were a good few 'I love you' comments to each other...

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