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Louist91, Harrystyles, Liampayne, Zayn and 938,809,982 others liked this post


Niallhoran: looks like DJ helped Harry pack then 😂

Harrystyles: She did actually so don't diss the bright pink outfit
Niallhoran: oh god, so that means most you clothes are like this
Harrystyles: yes, if you wanna change that you can sort it out with DJ

Larrysreal: is it bad that you pull it off
Niallhoran: yes it is!

HarryEdwardStyle: I wish I was DJ

Louhaz: good on her
Hazlou: 😍

HarryAndLouis: she has good fashion sense for a 4 year old
Lourry: she's Harry's daughter
HarryAndLouis: fair enough 😂

Zayn: 😂he looks like the glitter troll shat on him 😂
Niallhoran: you need to stop watching that film
Zayn: it's a good film, and I'm watching it with DJ and hunter
Niallhoran: I don't care stop watching it
Harrystyles: he has a point Z, when your using it as a reference then your watching it to much
Zayn: oh fuck you both

Lilo_Larry: why you packing?

O_O: 😍😍😍

Larryshipsballshit: I love her even more now 😍

Hazza: not a question but I agree

Liampayne: help
Niallhoran: why??
Liampayne: I'm boring forced to watch trolls
Niallhoran: by who 😂
Liampayne: Zayn and DJ, Hunters asleep
Niallhoran: better you than me

Larrryyy: he's so adorable

Larreh: 😍😍💖💖

Tomlinson&Styles_Stan: oi oi

Louist91: she didn't pack mine bc I haven't packed yet
Niallhoran: LOUIS! we leave at 12..ITS 11.15
Louist91: alright alright, I'll buy more clothes, I do anyway
Niallhoran: hurry!
Louist91: fuck you ! Tell me what to do.
Niallhoran: Im ganna die before the end of the 11 months
Louist91: and I'm ganna make sure of it.

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