Chapter 52

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Ananya's POV

He watched the entire video silently and once he was done he looked at me with widened eyes.

" Did cat got your tongue or what Mr Khanna ? " I asked him in a disgusting tone.

" Annie... I never knew about this. I swear that I had slept at that time when Neil was saying all this things about Ayesha. " He sweared.

" Oh really, you seriously want me to buy this lie of yours ! " I asked with tears flowing down from my eyes.

How much I had loved this man and he betrayed each and everyone of us !

" Annie, please don't cry. We will settle down everything for good. Let Neil come. I will myself deal with him. " He said wiping my tears.

" No, you don't have to do anything ! You have done enough damage. I hate you so fucking much Sam ! " I yelled snapping his hands off my face.

" Please trust me Annie. I seriously didn't have any idea about this video." He said in a coarse voice.

" Okk fine. I believe you that you were busy asleep when Neil was uttering these words. But then what about your phone ? This video was present in your phone since last 4 months. Didn't you see this video ever in this last 4 months ? " I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

" No, I didn't. Do you think that I would have hidden this from Ayesha if I had known this earlier ? " He asked.

His eyes were also sparkling with tears. These are nothing more than crocodile tears.

" Liar ! " I yelled facepalming.

" No Annie... " He said holding my arms.

" Don't you dare to touch me, Samarth ! You have lost all your rights. Ayesha... She used to address you as her brother, you bastard ! She considered you as her elder brother. You cheated her. " I yelled holding my head which felt heavy by now.

" You know what Samarth if I have to ever choose someone between you and Ayesha then I will definitely choose Ayesha because she was the one who came into my life first and not you. She was the one who supported me during my bad times. " I said walking towards him.

" What do you mean, Ananya ? " He asked being confused.

I chuckled darkly and said, " We are over, Mr Samarth Khanna. This time I am not at all joking like previous times. From now onwards, I have nothing to do with you. " I said with a small smile.

" Ananya, no don't say anything like this. You are angry now. We will talk once you calm down. " Samarth said trying to calm me down but then that increased my anger even more.

" There's nothing left to talk for now. Oh wait, do you want to patch up with me just because you have same ideas regarding me as that of your friend ? " I asked.

" What are you saying, Ananya ? " He asked raising his tone a little.

" I mean have you placed a bet or something with someone regarding getting me love you and then breaking my heart because as much as I remember I have never insulted you.

So, what is it this time ? I have to warm up your bed before marriage or after marriage just like your friend. " I spoke looking at him with a wicked smile.

" Ananya ! " He yelled slapping me on my cheek. I fell on the floor because of the impact of the slap.

He then strided towards me taking long steps and then raised me up by pulling my hair. I whimpered because of the pain but then continued to look at him with disgust prevailing in my eyes.

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