Chapter 23: Kidnapped

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The Next Day

Histoire was giving the group an announcement.

Histoire: So like she said, if you notice anything strange happen, please report as soon as possible. She started to get irritated.

Neptune: I see you, Ida!
She said to herself playing games. Ignoring the Oracle.

Neptune: I'm gonna crush you!
She played her game still talking.

Midoriya was doing his training near the couch where Plutia was. He still needed to find better ways of getting stronger everyday. As he was done, he sat next to Plutia. He saw her make a plushie doll. He was amazed by her skill of making dolls. But she made a doll that resembles him.

Midoriya: That's really cool! Is that supposed to be me?
He said smiling.

Plutia: Yess it iss.
She said smiling feeling sleepy.

Midoriya: Can I have it once you're done?
He asked nicely.

Plutia: Yes you mayyyy.
She responded.

Plutia: I'm also making one for Neppy.
She said showing him the progress of Neptune.

Midoriya got up from the couch and left her alone to give her some space to work on the plushie.

Plutia: Poke and pull, Poke and pull, Poke and pull.
She repeatedly said with the needle she's using to string up the doll.

Peashy: I'm gonna play with this!
She had Nepgear's tablet. Nepgear was chasing her to get it back.

Nepgear: Peashy! Give it back!
She said running after her.

Histoire was feeling ignored.

Histoire: Ahem, are you even listening?

Nepgear stopped chasing Peashy for a bit.

Nepgear: Oh Sorry, I'm listening. You were saying... Uh! Wait! Come back! She said as she continued chasing Peashy.

Neptune: If anything strange happens, right? Nothing strange is going on right now! She said to Histoire while she was playing her game.

Histoire: But you haven't even stepped outside to check.

IF: I'll go on patrol. If I see anything, I'll let you know, okay?
She gave an awkward smile.

Histoire: That's much appreciated. Sorry you're always covering for them.

IF gave a bit of a chuckle.

IF: No problem.
She left but stopped and turned to Compa.

IF: Compa,  don't you need to get to work now? Wanna catch a ride with me?

Compa: Yes! Yay! Thanks, Iffy!

Histoire sighed because it felt like it didn't feel right.

Plutia was done stitching the plushie that resembles Midoriya.

Plutia: Alllll Doneeeeee.
She said.

She said

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