Chapter 10

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Izuku POV

I have being pregnant for six months finally felt the twins kick today before breakfast. That is the only thing I could think about on the way to school with Shota. "Hey Izu what will you be doing today at school help me teach again or relearn the subject." He said relearn because well I did all my homework for until half way into second year in UA. "I want to help teach as always Shota and you know that."

Shota POV

My little pregnant husband always does a good job at teaching. I am thinking today we should have his friends eat with us of course if they want to. "Hey Izu want to have lunch with your friends since you haven't talk to them much." "Ya that will be nice just as long as I am by you and feel protected by you." He gave a soft smile after that. We went to the classroom in a nice silence.

It might be short but will try and make it up to you all later. Happy birthday Mirio and Izuku.

Word count: 186

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