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Shiv_wify don't go anywhere without me take me alo

Ani_shivay i go to collage not park to take you

Shiv_no no i come with you

Ani_shivay its already late don't waste my time .

Shiv_then take me

Ani_ahh 😤shivay leave my hand


Shivay hold anika leg.

Ani_shivay leave me

Shiv_no i did not leave you until you take me with you.

Ani_shivay if i take you mam scold me

Shiv_what your mam sold you

Ani_not sold it was scold.


Ani_if you leave me to go i buy you chocolate evening

Shiv_big big chocolate


Shiv_after that one aeroplane ,one helicopter and car not car buy race car and also buy glitters

Ani_why glitters

Shiv_to decorate my drawing

Ani_ok fine.


Ani_ok stop its already late



Shiv_see you

Ani_see you


Ani_ok inafe bye

See you

Ani_again 🏃🏃🏃🏃

Anika reach collage

Ani_hi guys

Anika gang_hi

Mall_anika why did not you pick my call yesterday night

Anika think shivay dance in night later Maggie fight of shivru

Ani_nothing i slept

Tia_oh ok come bell ring

In class

Adv_excuse me anika


Adv_i want to say you something

Ani_go ahead..

Adv_anika i really love

Anika phone started to ring she see caller id it was non other than shivay


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