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The young gods had a small argument as always, but thankfully, somehow, Thor managed to get the ship flying. Jane glanced over to December again, awkward. The Midgardian wanted to say something, but she really wasn't sure what.

December confused Jane. Jane had seen her fighting with the Avengers against Loki, fighting to protect Earth (or Midgard as they called it) and yet here she was, apparently in a romantic relationship?! It did not make sense, there had to be something more to it.

The blonde-haired girl called out, "you guys do know I know how to drive this thing? You should just let me fly."

Thor taunted, "is that right? Out of the two of us..." he asked, glancing down at the buttons, "...which one can actually fly?

December replied back, "is that right? Out of the two of us, who is actually an elf?!"


"Yeah, oh!"

Thor went back to ignoring her, speeding and flipping through the city at immense cities. It would have been much easier if he had just flown about it! You know, where there wasn't lots of people and buildings which could easily die and be destroyed, respectively!

They just made it through a very tight curve, with Thor giving a small whoop of excitement, when Jane just collapsed.

"Oh, dear." Loki muttered.

December raised her eyebrows, "is she dead?"

The god of thunder stopped looking forward, ignoring that he was currently driving a ginormous spaceship. He called out, worried, "Jane!"

She murmured, "I'm okay."

Neither December nor Loki moved to help her. They seemed to not even mind that she had possibly died. Though how could anyone blame them? It was the mortal's fault that Queen Frigga was dead. If she hadn't have met Thor, none of this would have occurred. Or maybe it was even Thor's fault, who had brought the mortal to Asgard. Either way, Loki and December didn't share any sentiments for either of the other two.

Loki created a solid clone of himself when Thor wasn't looking, so that he could wrap his now-unchained-hands around her waist, while the original copy help up a conversation with Thor. He muttered into her hair, pressing light kisses, "you are looking lovely on this beautiful sunny day."

December grinned, his words triggering a memory.

"You are looking lovely on this beautiful sunny day, Dec." The young god spoke, stopping beside December and sneakily throwing his hand over her shoulder. They were both fitted in battle armour, with weapons and magic tightly coiled around them, ready for anything. They were standing at the edge of the Asgardian's temporary camp, waiting for Thor and the Warrior Three to decide on their next move as they battled against a rebellious faction on Nieflheim. The homeland of primordial darkness, cold, mist and ice.

The fog surrounded them, the camp, everything around them. It made the Asgardian warriors tense and uneasy as they jumped at every little sound. So much for the greatest warriors.

December flicked off his hand, but still sent him a small smile. "Is that what you do in your spare time?"


"Read Midgardian guides on how to flirt?"

Loki scoffed, holding a hand to his heart, as if offended. "guides? Guides!? I need no guides!"

She giggled, "that's what they all say, Loki. And yet, where are their romantic partners? You surely don't have one!"

He gasped once more. "Impossible! The girl's all drop at my feet!"

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