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McKenna Bradley took a deep breath, trying to to cry. Of course, the had to put Ellis of all people in her fashion class, the only class that she actually enjoyed. With her luck, they'd probably be partners for everything.

McKenna had been thinking about Ellis nonstop. She was obsessed. Ellis Hollington. Those 2 words went through a loop in Mckennas head ever since the party the Ellis has so kindly decided to crash.

Once, Ellis and McKenna were best friends. Back in middle school , the two ruled the school. Ellis had this certain air, though, which made her seem elegant and perfect (which, in McKennas world, Ellis was)

Then, High school came around, and everything descended into madness.

McKenna had constant thoughts, never ending, all consuming thoughts. You aren't pretty enough, they said. Nobody really likes you. You're such a slut. She couldn't stop them. And she tried. Through all the therapy, meds, and appointments, noting seemed to work.

So, she was dumped. No more top of the social ladder for McKenna. She came tumbling down. This, of course didn't help with the anxiety.

Ughhhh I'm sorry this is so shorttttt I just want to add more of a back story but I PROMISE the next one will be looooooong (er)

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