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"Babe, wake up" I hear a familiar voice speak, I turn over groaning. "Come on babe, Harry's coming today" As soon as the voice said Harry I was up, but I hit my head on the bunk above. "Ow haha fuck" I curse holding my head in pain as I hop out of bed." Awww Ash, come here" I see Ashton run up to me and hug me, kissing and rubbing my head better, we walk to the lounge where the others are, I sit next to Lauren and Ash, "How are you lot so wide awake????" I ask rubbing my eyes. "Its 2:10 pm we're not as lazy as you" Mikey says laughing. "That.....That is NNNN.... Quite true" I say causing everyone to laugh. I get up to get dressed, I begin to feel dizzy so I lean against the closest wall till I feel better, I turn around and slightly head butt the wall before I hear the sliding door shut, I feel someone press up against me, I slightly turn to see Ash, he kisses my cheek, I turn around. "Babe, what's up?" He whispers."felt a bit dizzy" he hugs me tightly, I hug him back."After you're ready meet me outside Gus, we'll be picking Harry up" "OMFG HARRRRRRRRY" I shout causing Ash to smile before he walks out, shutting the sliding door behind him. I quickly get dressed, walking out of Gus. "Let's go then" Ash says grabbing my hand, intertwining our fingers, we try and get out the gate as quietly as possible so no one hears us, we hear a few girls scream but tell them to be quiet. "Eh eh eh, please Dont attract any more girls, we're on our way to pick Harry up and we can't be late I love you all." Ash explains, I laugh to myself. "Ash you're the only one that attracts girls round here" I say making the fans laugh. We say our last byes before walking towards the taxi waiting for us, we get in and tell the driver where to go.

About half an hour later we get to where we're picking Harry up from, Ash gets out and helps harry put his stuff in the boot before returning to his previous seat next to me, Harry sits next to me on the other side, he hugs me, I hug him back. "Missed You Ash" he says. "Missed you too lil mahn" we smile at each other before I turn and look out the window, Ash catching my eye with his beautiful smile.

A few minutes later we were back at Gus, we all decided that Me and Ash will sleep in the lounge and Harry has our bunk. "Just make sure you Dont do anything naughty guys" Mikey says smiling and laughing at us. "Wait are you guys together at last?" Harry asks smiling at us. "Yeah bro, I asked her on stage and she said yes." "Ash Dont make it sound like you're getting married" Calum says laughing making me laugh. "Whatever Cal, anyway soooooo how's my little mahn been" Ash says running to him tackling him in a hug, I smile, leaning against the door frame before walking outside and sitting on the steps of Gus, I pull out my phone and scroll through twitter. "WHY IS ASHTON WITH HER SHE'S SO FUCKING UGLY, SHE'S ONLY WITH HIM FOR THE MONEY" "@Ashton5SOS YOU DESERVE SOMEONE BETTER THAN @Y/T/N ILYSFM" "@(Y/T/N JUST CUT YOURSELF AND BLEED, NO ONE WILL CARE" I throw my phone not caring if it broke or not, I run towards the building, I run around looking for anything, I find the toilet room and run in, I find a sharp object, sitting on the window sill, I lock the door and grab the object, I slide down the wall towards the floor, tears streaming down my face, the sharp object comes into contact with my arm, I drag the object deep and hard down my arm as I see a lot of blood begin to gush out. I stand up, shaking, holding my arm over the sink, I turn the tap on to try and get rid of the blood. I hear the door burst open "NO! WHY YOU DOING THIS TO YOURSELF?" A voice asks, I look at them through teary eyes, its Ash. "Your fans are right, you deserve someone better, I'm just ugly and....." I burst into tears, Ash gets some tissue and makes it wet and dabs it on my arm, I wince in pain, he throws the tissue away before grabbing my arm and rubbing it gently occasionally kissing it . "Please....... Stop doing this babe." Ash said tears streaming down his face. "You're beautiful and you're the best person to have ever walked in to my life, I love you so fu....frigging much and the only person I deserve is you no one else ignore what the haters say, I love YOU." He finishes, more tears streaming down his face, his arms wrap around my waist, he kisses my forehead. "Oh.... Ash you may need a new phone" I turn around and see Calum holding my phone."uggggggggggggh it'll do for now" I grab a tissue with my free hand and wipe Ash's tears away, I kiss his lips making Calum, Mikey and Harry awww. I hug Ash before realizing my arm is still bleeding. "Ermmm.......Ash?" I point to the patch of blood, he doesn't say anything he just takes his shirt off. Fucking hell, if I'm honest that is one HUGE turn on, Ash's body. We all decide to head back to Gus, Mikey, Calum and Harry ahead, me and Ash behind. "Promise me you'll NEVER do it again babe, we were looking for you EVERYWHERE, it wasn't till Harry heard a tap that we thought you'd run away somewhere." I just hug him, my head in the crook of his neck. "Sorry Ash, I really am I just....." "Its okay babe, I still love you so fucking much." Ash whispers, we stand still, hugging for what feels like forever, I lift my head up and look into his beautiful hazel eyes. I can't take this anymore. "I love you so fucking much too Ash" I say before attaching our lips, the kiss deepens quickly. Ash pulls away to check the time. "Its 3:45p.m, babe come with me." He grabs my hand and leads me back into the building, we end up in the dressing room, Ash locks the door, I sit down on the sofa. "Babe, stand up" I do as Ash says, he sits down where I was. "Strip for me baby" I do so as slowly as possible, I see him bite his lip and close his eyes, I walk over to him in only my underwear. "Open your eyes baby" I say, his eyes open slowly. "Your turn" I say, Ash stands up and strips right down so he's fully naked before returning to his seat, he's already hard. I decide to tease him, I straddle him, one leg either side of him, moving my hips swiftly and hard into his, he moans, holding my hips, he pulls down my underwear before unclasping my bra, he thrusts upwards quickly and hard, holding my hips so I Dont move, he thrusts quicker, moaning my name. "Guys where are you" we hear a familiar voice, Luke. "I bet they're fucking somewhere." Mikey says, I look down at Ash as he looks at me, i push down on him causing his head to fling back. "Uggggggh babe, take this to the shower." Ash whispers, I get off of him and run to the shower, with my clothes, Ash follows, along with his clothes, we throw them on the floor before getting into the shower. Our lips connect once again as he pushes me up against the wall, grabbing the back of my thighs. "Jump baby" he says seductively, I do as he says and jump, he thrusts once again, moaning, he looks at me in the eyes, his dark with lust but yet still beautiful. "Babe..........I..I..........love you..........so fu...cking much ugggggggh" He says releasing, causing me to release also. I get down, we connect our lips again, one of his hands on the wall behind me while the other on my cheek. "I love you so fucking much too Ash, you Dont know how long I've been wanting to do that with YOU" i reply, he smiles his beautiful smile. "Awwww you too babe. SHIT we better get dressed I got another meet up thing soon." At his words, I turn off the shower and we step out the shower both getting ready, I redo my hair and make up quickly. We both head towards Gus but see the others heading towards us. "Ash, your hair is a mess" I whisper. "Shit, can you sort it out please?" He stops and turns towards me, I try and sort his hair out but struggle because of the fact I'm smaller than him. "Thanks babe" Ash says pecking my lips. Mikey runs towards us. "What'd you do? Fuck each other for an hour and 45 minutes?" I laugh. "No we were exploring." Ash says. "Yeah exploring each others insides that's what you were doing." I laugh again, Mikey laughing also. "Fuck off Michael." "Dont worry I won't tell them" Mikey says walking inside the building, Me and Ash follow with Harry, Lauren, Luke and Calum following. "He's only jealous coz he can't get a beautiful girl like I can." Ash whispers but loud enough for Mikey to hear. "I get all the girls I do." "Yeah Mikey so why are you still single?" I say laughing, He doesn't reply he just sticks his middle finger up at me. "fuck you both" Mikey says to me and Ash, without knowing me and Ash say the same thing. "EH, DON'T SWEAR" Me and Ash burst out laughing before we finally arrive at the hall, There's SOOOOOOO many fans.

All the boys sit down so it goes (from left to right) Ash, Cal, Mikey and Luke, me, Harry and Lauren stand either end to help the security guards. "You're doing a great job there babe." Ash whispers causing me to laugh. "Just like you did a great job earlier." I whisper in his ear making him smirk. "Hey babe, thank you for coming, love you" Ash says smiling at the fan, while signing what she wanted him to sign. "You're not helping by standing there looking hot ya kno.... Hey babe." Ash gets interrupted by another fan, he gives me a quick glance every now and then. I look at Lauren and laugh. "Ash I think you have a little problem" I hear Calum whisper to Ash. I look to see what he was talking about to see Ash's trousers quite tight. My head kills from all the noise, I look at my phone to check the time. "6:25p.m" "Ash I'm going back to Gus for a rest, love you, see ya later." I say to him. "Alright babe love you too." I kiss his cheek making him smile, the crowd awww, my hand goes to his crotch, I push down but soon walk away, I could feel him watching me. I got back to Gus, I throw my stuff in the lounge and climb into the covers of the sofa. I grab, Ash my penguin and cuddle him soon falling asleep.

I wake up and see how dark it is outside. I go to the toilet and when I finish I head back. "Hey babe, the others stayed behind to have photos and a few interviews, I came back to check if you're okay, ya know what you did to me during the signing killed me I....." I cut him off by connecting our lips. "What's the time Ash?" I ask pulling away. " ummm......10:45p.m, babe I need your help." I put my hand down his trousers and pants causing him to moan. After 5 minutes I stop and take my hand out causing him to groan. "Night, love you Ash, so fucking much." "Ugggggggh why'd you stop babe, oh, love you too babe so fucking much." I put my head on his chest and my hand on his crotch, rubbing it as I slowly fall asleep to the sound of his quiet moans.

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