and i oop-

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I know sooooo many of you love, love, love this book and everything that it deals with but i will be ending it at chapter 50.

One reason is because I don't really wanna have a book that goes past chapter 50. Personally I know if I were to read a book from the start I probably wouldn't read all 5 billion chapters. Also because the longer & more chapters I make the less reads those newer chapters get. BUT READS AREN'T THAT IMPORTANT TO ME.

I also want to work on my other stories that I have made. And the ones I had to put on hold.

I hope y'all understand. Don't forget I have other books. If you didn't know this book is actually a spin off of my first ddlg book "babygirl" so check that out if you haven't. PLUS, I have a new book called "jawline" and many other ones.

Please don't hate me❤️ there are still more chapters to come though so don't stop reading yet! *IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR THE LAST FEW CHAPTERS PLEASE LET ME KNOW*

I know you guys will love the way the book ends as well! Love ya❤️❤️❤️❤️

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