Will // I like you a lot

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"Listen Will. I think you need to tell her! Y/N has been our friends for years! And she's been your Best Friend forever now! We can all clearly tell you like her and she likes you"
"What if she doesn't like me tho"
"Trust me dude she does"
"Are you sure Mike?"
"Positive. She told me"
"She told you?"
"Yes and she told the whole group. So I think you're fine"

*At Y/N's House*

"Hey Guys! Hey Will!"
I said and started to blush.
"Hey Y/N" "hh-ii- Y/N"
"let's leave Y/N and Will alone guys" Mike said
they all walked away but Will.
"So what's up will?"
"I um I gotta talk to you"
"Is everything okay? You seem nervous"
"I'm okay"
Will and I go for a walk.
"So.. Y/N.. I can't believe I'm telling you still but here goes nothing. I've liked you since I've started to understand what liking a girl was. I've liked you for a long time and I think I'm in love with you. You're my best friend and you mean everything to me. So what I'm basically saying is that I like you Y/N. I uh like you a lot"
"Will! I like you too. Well I think I actually love you but-"
Will cuts me off with a kiss
"I've been waiting to do that"
"You don't know how long I've been waiting for you to do that"
We puts our heads together.
"I love you will"
"I love you too Y/N"
We heard some noises from the background. Will grabbed my hand.
"Who said that?" I said
"Shit you idiots they heard us"
"Dustin?" I said
Mike, Dustin and Lucas come out from behind a tree.
"Hi guys! What are you doin here? Dustin, Lucas and I were just going for a walk and you guys are here! What?!"
"Yeah okay Mike" Will said
"Sooo did we miss anything?" Lucas said
When Lucas said that Will grabs me by my waist and pull me to him and kisses me
"Does that answer you question?" Will says
I blush and hug Will and put my head in the crock of his neck
"Yeah thanks Mike"

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