Chapter 3: Help you...

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It was the next day, I was now heading to school but then mom stop me and look at me

Mom: wait sweetie...I...I just want you to know matter what...I love you...I have always love you, so please don't feel like you always be alone you hear

(Y/N): uh okay mom...but I really need to head to school, see ya

Mom: yeah...see ya sweetie...

I close the door from behind and saw Jane waiting for me outside the house

Jane: you took too long for someone that was getting ready

(Y/N): yeah well that's what happens when you live in earth

I walk out of the gates and were ready to head to school with Jane the Killer

Jane: so tell me, who are these boys that I'm supposed to be scaring?
(Y/N): well...these bullies called Buke, Anon, chuck and two more that I don't even know their names always beat up after school but yesterday, the try to stab me

Jane: wait...stab you?!

(Y/N): yeah stab you, I would have probably be injured or dead if it wasn't for the coach coming after to save me

Jane: ....I see....and nobody does anything about it?
(Y/N): no...everybody will just walk away leaving me to get punch or hit by a bat...that's just the way the life I guess

Jane then remembers her time at the life realm when she was a normal girl but then things started to change for her

Jane: this world is cruel...this world is evil...this world is...unfair...

(Y/N): yeah tell me about it, I keep saying the same again and again but I guess that just nature

Jane: yeah...nature....

Jane started to get closer to me and wrap her arms around me

(Y/N): J-Jane, what are you doing?

Jane: don't say anything please...just let what I'm doing to you happened

(Y/N): ur...oh...okay...

Jane smiles and blush as she could feel (Y/N)'s warm body

(Y/N): Uh Jane can you please not do this when anyone could see this

Jane: but...I really want to feel you

(Y/N): okay Jane that sounds a bit wrong now!

Jane: it doesn't matter to me!

(Y/N): well it does to me alright so can you please stop!

Buke: well, well, well look who it is

I stop walking and saw Buke along with friends and some girl he was holding

Buke: if it isn't that bastard nerd this the guy that spy on you sweetheart?

Kelly: yep that's him, that's the nerd that I keep seeing looking at me

(Y/N): w-what I don't know you-

(Y/N) then stop as he then recognize the girl and see her in class

(Y/N): wait a're the girl that ask for a pen

Kelly: what are you talking about I never ask some disgusting beast like you a pen

(Y/N): but you did you try to-

Buke: you try to say my girl is a liar nerd head!

(Y/N) stops and started to shake, Buke then notice a girl next to him

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