Chapter 2: I will...

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(Y/N) just look at the pale girl and were just confuse on what she said and what she meant by that

(Y/N): a...fallen guardian angel, what do you mean by that?

Jane: oh well I don't know you notice I come from the deepest of the dark realm, I was sent as a fallen guardian angel by darkness himself

After hearing that one sentence (Y/N) had more questions and what to question all of them

(Y/N): dark realm...what is that?

Jane: well the dark realm is where all the dark souls would go or live for a long time, it's actually under hell

(Y/N): under hell...there's a place under hell?!

Jane: I know it sounds crazy but it's true, the dark realm is more cruel and evil as hell itself I don't even think any strong human will stay there for about a day

(Y/N): wow...okay I got that who is this darkness guy that told you to be my fallen guardian angel?

Jane looks at me with a smile and giggle at little, she then touches my face and goes closer

Jane: you know for a human that just woke up in the night and looking at horror looking girl, you really aren't scared

(Y/N): did look scary as first, but you don't anymore...I don't know how to explain it but you look normal...I know it sounds weird but to me it's true

Jane were surprise by this, nobody have ever called her normal before after the incident that happened to her

Jane: really...well that's sounds good to hear I guess, I kind of wanted to scare someone

(Y/N): well why don't you scare someone like...Hmm I don't know, some of the guys in my class

Jane: wait...humans?

(Y/N): yeah you can scare them and make them piss their pants, oh boy wouldn't that be fun to watch-

Jane just turns around from me and looks down

(Y/N): uh...Jane?

(Y/N) tries to look at Jane face but she always turn to the other side

(Y/N): Hey what's wrong?

Jane tries to look at (Y/N) but doesn't want him to notice the blush on her cheek but of course (Y/N) doesn't notice it because there's no red blush only pale

Jane: see I can't really go around at the day

(Y/N): really...why not?

Jane: well since I was brought back to life in the dark realm, my soul originally were made in the dark realm and the darkness always say never to go into the day or else It will kill me and I can never go back into the dark realm and disappear forever

(Y/N): you will be gone in the morning?

Jane: well yeah but there is one way I could stay in the day...but it's a bit you know...embarrassing

Jane didn't want to tell (Y/N) but if it means for her to stay in the day she would simply have to right now

Jane: (Y/N) have to...kiss me

(Y/N): wait what?

Jane: yeah you will have to kiss me if it means I can stay in the day

(Y/N): uh...why exactly?

Jane: according to the darkness, when an empty soul is dark, the life soul can give a bit of light through the empty soul giving a little life in it and this for our mouth to connect

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