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I still couldn't figure out why I was left so badly hurt after Harry told me to basically not ever do something nice for him, but I guess it just made me feel like he pushed me even further away.

All I wanted was to get to know him a little better since we were living together, and I also wanted him to get to know me. I wanted him to see that I wasn't some monster trying to tear the family apart or anything like that, and that I just wanted to help him out. It seemed like Harry wasn't interested in doing any of that though, and maybe that was for the best.

I knew that it wasn't in my best interest to be cut off from the one person that made my heart pound uncontrollably, but sometimes when you really care about something, you just go along with whatever they say to make them happy. I suppose that it's rather silly to feel such a way about Harry when after six months, we knew nothing more than the basics about each other, if even that much, but that was exactly what kept me around. I started to become mildly obsessed with wanting to know more about him, so I continued to hold on to a loose thread of hope that one day Harry and I could be a lot more friendlier towards each other.

It was seven o'clock in the morning when Eloise and I woke up and went down to the kitchen, and while she mostly played with her breakfast instead of eating it, I sipped on a cup of coffee. Another restless night of sleep that consisted of lots of tossing and turning, as well as tending to Eloise when she started making noises left me feeling drained of my energy today, but I had no other choice than to just deal with it. Eloise needed me for a lot of things, but I was determined to take a quick nap during her nap time so that I could recharge.

I pushed around some eggs in the pan on the stove when the door swung open, and Eloise smacked around on her platter, "Daddy!"

I felt my heart and stomach both simultaneously drop at the word, but I continued cooking my eggs as if he wasn't there. Maybe it was a tad juvenile of me, but if he was so set on me not focusing on him, then so be it.

"Have you seen my black tie anywhere?"

I shook my head, "No sir, I haven't seen it." I poured my eggs onto the plate and let them cool while I rinsed off the dishes.

Harry cursed, "Fuck, I have an important meeting today and that's my best one."

Deep down, I felt a sting of guilt after he said this, but I needed to try and stand my ground. I didn't want him to be upset or stress out even more than usual, but he said he didn't need my help, so I stopped helping him over a week ago. I basically watched as Harry filled the laundry basket with his ties to clean off coffee stains or something, but the difference was that this time nobody was washing or ironing them anymore.

So now he was facing a dilemma, and as much as I wanted to blame him for it all, I simply couldn't do that. It wouldn't be fair for me to have expected Harry to know that I've been doing his laundry pretty consistently. I assume that he just eventually got used to always having a clean clothes filled closet and never decided to question how it stayed that way when he never did his own laundry, until now anyway.

I sighed in defeat, "It's in the dirty laundry basket, sir."

"What? How do you-"

"Because you always throw your tie into the basket when you come home, and I always wash them for you." I confessed, only cutting him off because I couldn't seem to hold it in any longer.

I couldn't tell if Harry was pissed off at me or himself now, but he didn't look happy regardless of who he was angry at. It was both of our faults really, but I was just doing what he told me to do since he claimed that he could take care of himself. I believed that he could, but I also knew all too well that he was far too busy to remember little things like that, which is why I started picking up aftet him. At first I was doing it because it annoyed me, but lately it's been more out of affection.

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