Lesson 1- How to Fail at Piano

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            Brook woke up in eerie silence. The birds weren't chirping, and she could only hear her own breathing. The holographic clock in the ceiling said 7:02. Suddenly remembering who she was forced to share a bed with, Brook heaved herself up and looked around. There was no one there, just like the morning before.

            Brooklyn brushed her teeth, ripped a comb through her hair, somehow got her red eye contacts on, and picked through her clothes for something decent and/or plain.

            She was choosing between a baby blue sundress and a tank top with a miniskirt when a bored voice drawled, "Not done getting ready yet?"

            Brook whirled around. There stood Nathan in a business suit.

            "What are you wearing?"

            "I had some business to attend to this morning," Nathan sighed as he began to loosen his neck tie.

            "...Could you not strip in front of a lady?"

            "Sure, but I don't see any right now."

            Brook just growled, and Nathan chuckled in spite of himself. The girl was sure interesting; unlike those ice princesses he had to deal with this morning.

            "So what's the plan for today?" Brook asked over her shoulder as she faced the wall and pulled off her night gown.

            "You start cramming into your head as much knowledge as possible," Nathan smirked as he turned to face the opposite wall.

            Brook shoved her head through the cotton sun dress.

            "Who's my tutor?"

            "Tutors," Nathan corrected as he put on a button down black short sleeve with a collar to match his black slacks. "You'll have Sarah for painting, Odette for piano, Victoria for etiquette, Lucy for home economics, Jennifer for history, Barbara for politics, and-"

            "How many subjects am I taking?!" Brook asked as the two headed out of the room and down the banister.

            "Seven total," Nathan grinned with his hands in his pockets.

            "Alright, who's the seventh? Is it a girl, too?" Brook raised an eyebrow sarcastically.

            "No; it's William, and he's teaching you horseback riding."

            Brook stopped at the last step and studied Nathan's face. "Are you mad or something?" she asked.

            Nathan jumped a little, blatantly denied it, and switched the subject.

            "At any rate," Nathan cleared his throat, "your schedule is on the table and breakfast is ready. Finish it quickly so you can-"

            "BROOK~!" a little squeal of delight echoed through the sunlit vast halls as Lily, in a short pink dress, came careening into Brook's arms.

            They giggled as Brook caught her and spun Lily in a circle. Nathan stopped and stared at the gentle woman whose wispy, soft hair floated with her simple sundress that matched her fair skin. Brook was dazzling. Nathan, once again, broke into a warm smile he couldn't explain.

            "Aw~!" the maids who bathed Lily from the night before sighed as they walked into the hall through chocolate colored doors. "You guys look like a married couple with a little girl already, if it isn't too bold for us to say so!"

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