Chapter One

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**Video above is the first chapter in audiobook format - completely voiced by me, and I am by NO MEANS a professional, I did this just for fun and to help with editing. I will be loading the audiobook to each chapter weekly**

I look over at my neatly organized color coded closet, then regard my pink and blue luggage bags. They are empty. There is no way I can decide which of my many precious outfits to take with me. For half an hour I urge my clothes to pack themselves but clearly that is not going to happen. I sigh and start pulling my favorite t-shirts from their hangers and fold them neatly into piles.

I talk myself through the tasks; Okay, now pack your jeans. Good, now pack your shorts and sweaters. It takes a short amount of time to fill the large suitcase and then I jump on top of it, struggling to zip it shut. My brain tries to convince me that this is a sign I shouldn't be going.

"No," I grunt and pull the zipper home. "I will not talk myself out of this."

With a huff, I sit on my small bed and look around at the pictures that plaster my walls. Old friends, new friends, and family smile back at me. My bedroom walls reflect my entire life. There are pictures of me from the time I was born to just yesterday at my "Cya later" dinner. My mom had refused to call it a "Goodbye" party.

I would miss these walls, but I wasn't going away forever. After stumbling my way through my first year of university, I knew I had to get away. I had to immerse myself in a different world and try to figure out what the hell I would do with my life.

Applying to University right out of high school was never my plan. Nobody in my family had ever finished high school. Once we realized I would graduate, my mom started thinking about all the opportunities I could have if I continued my education. It was for her that I applied to University, thinking I would never get in. When that letter came I knew there was no going back; I also knew that it was a good thing. Truthfully, I just felt like it was happening too fast.

During the last week of classes, I booked an open-ended ticket to Vancouver BC. It wasn't far from home, only a one hour and sixteen minute flight, but it was far enough away for me to feel like I was doing something big. Something big and exciting for me. The goal was to come back a different person, somebody who could decide what they wanted to major in at least.

The sound of a car honking outside my house snaps me from my thoughts. I guess this is my cue; it's time for me to go.

With great effort, I heave the suitcase off my bed with a loud thunk and sling my bulging duffle bag over my shoulder before taking a final glance around my room. It's time, I tell myself. The small plastic wheels squeal beneath the weight of my belongings as I pull my bag behind me. I pretend the noise is my walls saying goodbye to me.

No, not goodbye, just cya later.

As I open the front door and take a last look inside my childhood home, I realize just how much I will miss it. Luckily, I don't need to face a tearful goodbye from my mom; we did that last night. With a sigh, I close the door and face the car waiting for me in the driveway.

My best friend Becca is driving me to the airport in her beat up old ford. As I approach her she is frowning, eyeing my overstuffed bags. To say she disagrees with my decision to go to Vancouver is an understatement. I guess it's not that she disagrees with me going; She just hates that I don't want her to come with me.

Becca and I have been inseparable since grade seven when I bit her finger while watching a scary movie at a mutual friend's house, which is a long but true story. We have been through so much together. We were on the cheer team and handball team together in junior high, but come high school sports were not nearly as important as partying and getting drunk. It didn't take long for us to dip into minor drugs and luckily; it took even less time for us to realize how stupid we were being.

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