Deleted Scene

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Pre-Order links are on my profile, if you loved the book, please do pre-order that helps publishers see momentum and how it'll eventually do. I soooo hope to someday publish all my books, including this one (my agent and I tried and got 28 rejections on the super edited one and now I'm slowly rereading and revising again on my own) and in order for me to truly publish my works, I'm hoping my debut does well

          Anyway, due to an overwhelming amount of e-mails (that's how I keep up with comments) I rarely read PH comments anymore. I get so many, and I see Wattpad's promoting this book so now I'm getting like 100s a day, and anyway, once in a while I'll skim and I notice some people were curious about how the strip club scene in chapter 9 originally went, and so I decided as a humble thank you I'd go and dig up the scene and post it here.

Bear in mind it's unedited. I changed it on my own because someone commented that Cree always went along with DeAndre and I think it's better as is now because it's teen fiction and it's more appropriate. You all think so differently, and I usually try to judge from your comments what works and what doesn't, so I ultimately changed the scene. Now that I've worked with an editor, I have an eye for what would be potentially flagged. Plus the new way is more true to Cree, I wouldn't want to go to a strip club so I definitely don't see her going – and I warn y'all she's a little...well Cree in this scene, so you've been warned (it was 2013, times were different lol)


"Just fuck already." Snickering caused DeAndre and me to tear away from each other and look over at Tremaine as he stood with Chris.

DeAndre backed away from me. "It's already been established. 'I can't have her.' "

He was mocking me and I hadn't the strength to say anything back.

"Whatever, let's just go to the stupid strip club."

"Yes!" Tremaine came and handed me the money, which I accept before leading the way back to DeAndre's Escalade.

It wasn't peer pressure that made me just give in and go to Inferno, it was me telling myself to live a little and try new things. Although seeing other girls dance and be provocative wasn't what I had in mind when I thought of venturing out. Troiann had always wanted to go to a strip club, not the kind with men, because she thought it was just straight up weird and creepy, but the female kind because she thought it would be a lot of fun. In some ways after looking back at my first week with the Ballas, I could almost see how Troiann fit in so much better than I did.

I wanted to be open minded but I didn't want to lose myself in my new found friendship with the Ballas, there were some things that just weren't worth it.

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