Let's Hop Like Bunnies ;D

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This is my first story, i hope you like it:D

-Susanna Isannah


Chapter 1

Angel’s POV

“Get out of my fucken house you little dumbass demon! I won’t want to even hear your name or your voice! Now get out!” my mother screamed in my face. I stared at her grey eyes, full of hatred and rage.

“I don’t even want to be here, so don’t worry you stupid ass bitch! If you’re kicking me out well fine! Your loss! At least now I don’t have to look at your nasty sagging boobs every time you wake me up in the morning! Seriously…You need like a breast lift. Your boobs are practically on my face and you’re at least three feet above me.” I mocked. Her blonde head flicked around so fast I was amazed her head didn’t snap off….damn it!

“What did you say you little piece of shit?!” She yelled.

I smirked and my grey eyes met hers. “I said you have saggy boobs. I’m amazed your boyfriend hasn’t left you yet. I mean he’s like what? Twenty-nine? You’re like barely 32 and your boobs are already sagging. That’s just sad.” I sassed while I shook my head, pretending to pity her.

“Watch your language! If your father was still alive, he would be very ashamed of you!” She looked like she could burst into tears in front of me.

Something inside of me snapped when she mentioned father. “Ashamed of me? He’d be ashamed of you! I thought he married you because you were compassionate and understanding. If he were still alive, he would be shocked at how much you’ve changed. You’re disgusting.” I said in distaste. I turned around, not wanting that stupid hooker to see my eyes tearing up because I spoke of father.

“You…you—how could you!” she cried as she sank to the floor in tears and covered her face with her hands. I felt guilty immediately. I knew she still missed him immensely, despite the fact that she seemed genuinely happy with her boyfriend. I sometimes heard her crying in the middle of the night, crying father’s name. Sometimes she would have nightmares about that night in the hospital when he died.

I sat down next to her and wrapped my arms around her. “I’m sorry mom…I know you miss dad a lot and you still love him.” She looked into my eyes and looked apologetic. “I’m sure Phil doesn’t think your boobs sag yet.”

She started laughing and hugged me so tight I could almost swear she broke my back. “I’m sorry I got mad. I’m okay with it if you’re gay. I’ll always love you. Nothing could change the fact that I’ve loved your for 15 years, ten months, and 13 days.” She said and kissed my forehead.

I looked at her and smiled a crooked smile. “Thanks mom.” I helped her up off the floor and onto the couch in the living room. When I entered with her, I was taken aback to see Phil sitting on the couch. “Hey Phil. Since when were you here?” When I asked him, I saw him shift uncomfortably. Whoa. I guess he heard the whole conversation my mom and me.

“Oh you know, I’ve kind of been here since I brought Rose back from our date. We were supposed to be cuddling right about now…You know before you kind of caught her in the kitchen when she went to go get us some wine.” Phil answered me. I smiled sheepishly as he spoke again. “I don’t think your mom’s chest is sagging. It’s perfect, just like her.” He stared right into her eyes with a certain emotion when he spoke to her. She blushed and sat next to him. Awe…they look so cute together. They’ve only been dating for about four months now, but I can tell they already love each other…well at least Phil does. Mom still has trouble letting him into her heart. Who could blame her? Dad only died about three years ago and she’s taken it pretty hard.

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