I Still Love You Rory

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Hi guys!  (Warning: incest between brothers, daddy kink, behavioural training)

I was sitting on the couch alone in the living room and my brother was in his room. We used to be really close and then he went into high school and he started to push me away. He didn't want to spend time with me. Didn't want to watch our shows together anymore and it hurt. He also started to work out a lot and over the last three years, he's gotten pretty big. I haven't been in a gym ever. I'm honestly a fucking twig next to him. I'm not actually a twig but I'm pretty small and short. Mom had given me money to order pizza for dinner because mom and dad are working late tonight. I had ordered two small pizzas. A meat lovers for Jake and a Hawiaan for me. I got a cream soda crush for me and a Pepsi for him. Some dip came with it and I ordered some honey garlic chicken wings for us both. When the guy dropped it off, there were two boxes of wings so I put the stuff on the table and went to go get him. I walked upstairs and knocked on his door. 

"What Rory?" I asked. I opened the door. 
"There's pizza and wings downstairs." I said looking at him. He was sitting on his bed in sweats and no shirt. He sat on the edge of his bed with his feet on the floor. 
"Come here." He said. I looked at him and walked to him with my arms crossed. 
"Do you hate me?" He asked looking up at me. 
"Yes. Are you coming down for pizza or not?" I asked looking at him. 
"Why do you hate me?" 
"Are you serious? You pushed me away for three years and you're wondering why I hate you?" 
"I know, and I'm sorry Rory. Can I make it up to you?" 
"How are you planning on doing that?" I asked with a sigh. He put his hands on my hips and stood up. I tried to take a step back but he pulled me closer and kissed me. My eyes got wide and he broke the kiss. 

"I still love you Rory." He said. I scoffed. 
"I don't believe you." 
"Listen. I'm trying to tell you that I love you and now you're pissing me off." 
"Okay well you hurt me and I don't think that you do love me." I said glaring at him. 
"I know that but I've seen the way you look at me and trust me, it hurts me too but I don't know how to get you back." He said letting go of my hips with a little shove. I stumbled back a step or two and looked at him. 
"Greys Anatomy airs every Thursday at the same time! You could've come to watch it with me at any time! Or came to watch shows when I asked you!" I yelled. 
"Don't yell." He scolded. 
"You hurt me! I can yell if I want to!" I yelled again. 
"Mom left me in charge and I'm telling you to stop yelling." He said glaring at me. 
"I don't care. I'm going downstairs." 
"No, you're going to stay here and calmly tell me what's bothering you." 
"I told you what's fucking bothering me!" I yelled. 
"I told you to stop yelling." 
"Fuck you!" I yelled looking him in the eye. I turned on my heel to walk out and he grabbed my hips. 
"You know I don't like when you swear." He growled. 
"I'm six-fucking-teen and I can swear if I want to! Let go of me!" I yelled trying to get out of his grip. His grip tightened. 
"I'm older and in charge. If I tell you not to do something. You stop doing it." His voice rumbled in my ear. 
"I don't care! Let the fuck go of me!" I yelled trying to push his hands off of me. His left hand slid to across my body just above my waistband and his right slid over my chest. 
"Looks like someone needs to be trained." He whispered into my ear. He pulled me against his chest roughly and I squeaked at the impact. 
"I do not need to be trained!" I yelled. 
"Since you aren't listening to me. Yes, you do." He said turning me to face his bed. He pushed my front down onto the bed and held me there. I tried to get up and away, but he grabbed my arms and held my elbows together. 
"Tsk tsk." He said and opened his dresser. I looked back the best I could and saw that he pulled out a rope. He tied my forearms together and let go of my arms. 
"What are you doing?" I asked. 
"Training you to behave." He said flipping me onto my back. 
"Because you don't behave and I'm tired of it." He said taking a knife out of the same drawer. I looked at the knife and he used it to cut open my shirt. Well, the shirt that I took from him. He took it off and kissed up and down my chest and stomach. I got goosebumps when he licked over my nipples. 
"You like that?" He asked doing it again. He left hickeys on my chest and neck. 

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