say you love me chapter 2 (teacher student relationship)

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so here's chapter two. I hope you like it!! :) it would mean so much if you commented on the story, tell me what you think. do you like? do you not like it??


Changing for PE is always painfully awkward for me but todayIwas even more aware of myself. The changing room had two sections, the area in which everyone changed there cloths and another which was the toilet and showers.

holding my head down as I past the girls changing to find found an empty bench and sat down to take out my PE kit out of my my brown leather rucksack . I was in the middle of pulling tugging of my tie when I herd my name being called. I looked up to see who it was.

"Lilly, over here. don't bother getting changed, just get your stuff you've been called to the head teacher's office." It was Ms Frank the PE teacher. she wore dark blue shorts, a polo shirt and trainers. She smiled before going back out of the door.

Oh no I'm not in trouble am I? . the other student looked at me questionably. one girl in particular, who likes to call herself princess, looked at me in disgust, oh well she is one of the BOMs. thankfully the attention was short lived as everyone resumedchatting and changing for P.E

"I'm to go to the head teacher?" I asked Ms frank one I had collected my things. Ms Frank nodded.

"Yes, your to go strait away. hurry along Lilly." I nodded before spinning on my heels to run out of the door to the school grounds. in front of me was the tower block. she went in through the doors that lead to the lift. Biting my lip I pondered on weather to take the lift to the ground floor or run up the 1 flight of stairs. Oh don't be so damn lazy! I mumbled. With my mind made up I ran up the stairs to my left, and was at the ground floor in matter of seconds. I then ran along the hall to the a largechestnutbrown door that lead to thereception.

"I'm here to see the head teacher." the reseptionist looked up from the computer for a second and nodded. She looked new. The last time I came here There was a rude snappy receptionist that had greying dark brown hair and abeakynose..."one moment please," she went back to typing on the computer at a ridiculous speed...

"Is it miss Lillian Broussard?"


TheReceptionistsighed. she stood up from her small desk and gesturedfor me to follow her. nervously Iscurriedafter her with my hands in my blazer pockets. she knocked on a large black door. it had the name Mrs L. Shield printed on.

oh shit, has something happened? oh mummy!...

"come in..."

"Loren, we haveLillianhere- oh your busy?" I could not see inside the office because i was standing outside looking down at my feet.

"oh no, Mr. O'Neil here is our new head of English and he's to start next Monday; Lillian here is to show himaround."

What? I looked up from the floor to the the head teacher seated on a large leather couch on the far side of her large beautiful office.

"Step inside my office Lillian." Thereceptionistmoved out of my way and went back to her desk. I obediently did what Mrs. Shield ask of me. I stood next to her large oak desk.

I Looked at the man sitting on the couch next to Mrs. Shield for the first time. My mouth flew open.... ohmygod! I quickly closed it.

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