Chapter 8

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Miracle POV

"Devonte put me down NOW," I laughed.

He threw me down on the bed, "there goes that smile I've been looking for," he smiled.

"Dee I told you nothing is wrong," I sighed.

"And you were was written all over your face...something is bothering you"

"Nothing I promise"

He stared at me for a long time then smiling.

"You're so damn beautiful"

I looked into his eyes and cupped his face, "you're so handsome"

Before I knew it we were on his bed making out rubbing on each other.

Felt like fireworks in this bitch. He gently rubbed on me...not being rough with it. He sat up breaking he kiss held my hand.

"Stay the night with me.....please," he bit his lip.

I smiled nodding at him before attacking his lips again.
Chris POV

Me and the boys were just chilling at my house watching tv when someone was banging on my door.

Hoody pulled a gun outta his pocket and followed me to the door. I opened it to see some black chick lookin pissed.

"Where the hell is Miracle," she tapped her foot.

I frowned, "who the fuc-

"WHERE IS SHE....its been two days and I haven't seen her. She's usually around to bitch ass," she rolled her eyes.

"Yo who the fuck are you...her bitch...coming up here disrespecting my nigga Chris," hoody frowned pointing the gun at her.

"Mane chill that's blesssing...Miracle sister," August rushes over.

"Hey Aug," she nodded.

"What's up...what's wrong"

"Miracle haven't been answering my calls and she haven't been home in 2 days...thought maybe she was over here"

"Oh Naww ian seen ha," August shook his head.

"Great if we see her we'll cal," I rushed trying to close the door.

Blessing pushed through and walked in.

"I have to pee," she found her way to the bathroom.

"Ion know her damn attitude," I rolled my eyes.

"Where Miracle at?" August frowned.

"I don't know...Last I saw her was when we-.......I saw her at the mall," I lied.

"I hope everything ok"

Miracle POV

"Yoooo I have soo many missed calls from Blessing and my friends," I laughed getting outta Devonte bed.

"You can call them later," he wrapped his arms around me. "Damn these pass two days have been amazing because of you"

I cheesed, "I really appreciate you Devonte"

"It's nothing"

"No put in a lot of work...and people don't give you no type of appreciation"

"You can by becoming my girlfriend,"he smirked.

I turned to look at him then We kissed, "of course I will babe"

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