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Hm, hey. I'm leaving to shoot some scenes today so I won't be home until the afternoon. If you're actually coming here then you're already on the plane and this is useless but, anyway, I hope you're in that plane Emma, I really do. So... have a safe flight and... give me some news. I love you.



New York is truly a dream, she thinks. Emma had a full week to think about everything that was going on - all the changes that are happening and all that it implies. 

As soon as she landed at JFK Airport, she received Sebastian's voicemail. Her heart ached. They have been silent to each other since that morning - no texts, no calls. Just a whole week of silence. So to hear his voice again was like music to her ears.

Sebastian wasn't going to be home until later in the day so when she got to the city she stopped by the house to leave her bags and then left to have lunch and a nice walk with Maguna at Central Park.

Time flew by and when she looked at the watch on her wrist it was time to get home.


Sebastian stepped out of his car and stopped himself at the door. If Emma was there she didn't text or let him know. Putting the keys in the door he shuts his eyes and prays that she's there.

"Whoa, slow down Mag!" He's suddenly met by Maguna, which meant both his girls are here.

"In here!" He hears her shout.

Sebastian makes his way to the bedroom and leans against the door, watching Emma unpack her clothes. 

"Hey!" She happily greets, jumping up to hug him tightly. "I fucking missed you."

Sebastian smiled so brightly, he missed her ten times more. "Smart choice to come over," he smirks.

"I..." Emma sits on the bed as she starts articulating what's on her mind. Sebastian breathes heavily and sits next to her. "I've had plenty of time to reflect on everything. Like... have a panoramic view of all of this."


"I've been quite selfish, Seb. And I'm so sorry. I was blocking myself from you, from this-" Emma looks around their new bedroom. "Because I was afraid of failure, afraid of doing something wrong and losing you. I don't know where that fear came from but I had it."

"You have it no more?" He cutely asks, caressing her cheek.

"I do. But it's controlled." She winks at him.

"I'm sorry for not texting and basically leaving like that. I was hurt." Sebastian lowers his head. 

"I know. It's okay, I understand." Emma kneels in front of him, catching his eyes on hers. He's so beautiful that she's unable to put a sentence together. "Wait here," she suddenly says.

This is it, Emma says in her head while she paces fast to the living room. Trying not to have an anxiety attack, she takes off her purse the new collar she had custom made for Maguna in a pet store earlier in the day. "Magu, you look so cute," she whispers. The puppy was sleeping on a blanket, totally relaxed. "Girl, you need to help me. This is hard!"

"What's hard?" Sebastian enters the living room.

"You were supposed to stay in the bedroom!" Emma stands up with Maguna half sleeping in her arms, still wrapped in that blanket. "But... Well, check this out."

"Aw, you're the cutest puppy aren't you, Mag?" Sebastian takes Maguna in his arms and she starts liking all over his face.

"Same, Maguna, same." Emma jokes and before talking again she coughs a little, preparing for what's next. "Check out her new collar."

Sebastian frowns. "New collar-" His jaw lowers, no sound coming from his mouth. "Emma, I-"

"I know society dictates that it has to be the other way around but fuck that," she giggles. "You told me to figure out what I wanted. And I did." She approaches the man in front of her. "I want you, in my life forever." Finally, after a week, she is able to kiss his soft lips. Maguna gets all happy and breaks up the kiss with her face between the two. 

"Yes," Sebastian screams, putting Maguna down to take Emma in his embrace. "Hell yes." He kisses her again, this time more passionately than before. "I'll marry you, Ems."

"Good," she rubs her nose on his. "Fiance."

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