(A Step Towards You) CH-8

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"Are you sure doctor? She can remember me?"

"Yes Ms. Shergil..Its not a tough task. And as you said that she knew your name so its much easy!"

"If you dont mind, Can you give us an account on her current situation and about this disease...I just want to know it entirely."

"Sure Major. So the thing about this disease is....that long back happened things or incidents remain in mind but frequently occured happenings dont remain there. And about Bharati ji...she has successfully saved herself to go to the last stage where she might forget the past things too....! Moreover the brain becomes weak and it cant interpret changes in the surroundings. For eg:- Due to extensive change in your appearance and your Dressing Ms. Shergill...she must have not calculated that and didnt recognise you. Dont pressurize her on something....and some really attatched thing between you two can be very helpful in turning back her normal. Well the disease is not curable and might eventually take her life but she can increase her span by exercising and being happy."

"Hmmm..Thanks doctor."
Vihaan gets up and leaves after a hand shake. Ragini follows him.

"Bhai...What happened?"

"Nothing! I have some urgent work. Go to home. I need to go to the office."


And he leaves...

/This scene was to tell you about Bharati's state. I hope am clear with it. /

Since then, Ragini had changed her appearance as it was before but there wasnt much improvement.
So she decided to go for the ultimate thing. She went into Raavi's room and asked her to call her friends.

Raavi and her three friends..2 boys and one girl now used to spend a lloottt of time with Ragini...She was working on them regarding something.

Neha had recently got a panic attack and was on rest. Hopefully, it was less dangerous than the previous ones.
While Vihaan was called by General to the headquarters..so he was out for 2 days.

Ragini was all the time with her baccha party and finally the day came for which they were waiting....

It was Col. Shergill's death anniversary.
Vihaan couldn't miss this so he returned earlier. Bharati and Neha were making the food in the kitchen while Ragini bought water for Vihaan.

"Bhai... Take this. "

He takes it. She sits beside him..

"What did General say? "
He got awkward for sometime and said moulding that: -

"Nothing... There was just a formal dinner for which all the commanders were invited of different forces. "

"I see... Was captain Sartaj also with you!? "

"Yeah... In fact I boarded the flight with him only. "

"Ohkay.. Accha I'll just come. "

"Hmmm... "

She goes in Raavi's room.

"Prepared well guys.. "

"Yesss.. "

"Cool... Chlo then be ready...fast.. "

She says clapping her hands.
And the kids go running🏃💨💨.
She chuckles seeing their excitement.
Then thinks: -

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