Sequel 19.

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"I haven't touched a single woman since that one day. Because I realised that you were the only one and the rest was just a waste of time."

Scoffing, shaking my head I speak, "it took you so much to realise? Well, I don't think you even have the right to be anywhere near me. I don't want to see you again-"
"Let me explain-"
"There is nothing to explain. The deeds have been done. You messed up, you messed me up. And were you ever sorry, would you ever apologise? I guess not. And not even a simple apology can change my mind."
"Then let me set things right. I am still their father-"
"You?! Their father!? How dare you call yourself their father when you didn't even want them to begin with? How can you call yourself a father when you didn't even raise them!"
"Because you didn't tell me!"
"And you know all too well why I didn't."

"Mommy," Yun cries and tugs onto the hem of my shirt as I hold Kari in my arms, "I wanna go home."
I look down with worried eyes, "yes, we'll go home right now. Mommy will take you home right away."

The feeling in my eyes changes from a tender expression to a vicious one as my eyes lock with his, "don't you dare come near me ever again."
"Y/n, please-"
"No. You've done enough. And what you're doing right now is just waste my and your own time. Move on. Live on. But, don't come after me."

Finally that heavy feeling I've been holding onto fell off my shoulders as I turned away and walked on. I didn't look back. I just kept walking and holding my son's hand. 

When I reached the car, I quickly sat my children inside and made sure they were safe. "M-mommy," Kari started to cry as she held onto my sleeve, "I don't-... I-"
"It's okay. You're okay. Yun is okay. I'm okay. Everything is okay," I caress her cheek as she sniffs and wipes her tears away.
"And now we'll go home. Everything will turn back to normal again."

Sometimes you have to lie to a child to make them feel safe. To make them feel comfortable and not lose trust in you. I don't want to let their lives or feelings go to waste. 

My eyes search for Yun's as he stares at his sister, "Yun, Kari. I want you to protect each other. No matter what, never leave each other. Promise me that."
"Mom- Don't leave us-"
"I won't. I just want you to be able to run to each other. I want you to be safe, alright," I ruffle their hair and lean back to close the door and take the front seat at the wheel. "Let's go home," I smile and look in the mirror to see their faces and eyes stare back at me. 

Jun never moved from that spot. He knew that every word was right. That every word I spoke to him was yet another piece of proof I had to keep him away from him. But, he wanted to prove himself as well. He wants to show his change. If that change was worth it? He didn't know that yet. 

All he knew was that...

If only he could be forgiven. Then he could move on. If only he could be seen as less than a monster, then he'd be grateful for it all. 

And he lightly smiles to himself, "I have children." Shaking his head with tears in his eyes he looks up. His hand reaches up to his mouth and traces over his lips. "I..."

Speechless he bites down on his lip and looks down again. "I have to set things right."

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