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JJ's dream prov:I hear the wind,I smell a scent of bubblegum shampoo in the air.i see wilford walking toward me. I get up and walk to him."Jameson! I have been so worried about you my lil teal lily you look so pretty in the moonlight.come walk with me."Wilford said with a grin showing his fangs.Nodding I start walking with his arm linked with mine I walk slow and steady not wanting to startle him."So Jameson I have a question to ask you?" Jameson starts signing away."what is it warfy?" He stairs for a couple of minutes then looks in Jameson eyes. "I love you with all my soul and..and well." He starts crying. I just didn't want you to think of me as a monster." Jameson eyes start to water. "I don't think you're a monster I think your just wonderfully sweet and charming." Wilford stopes crying and sits in the grassy like place. "Its so cool out,its just so beautiful but not as beautiful as you...Jameson!" Jameson goes in full on blush mode(srry I was watching vampire knights)and his eyes were sparkling in the moonlight. Wilfords was a cottoncandy pink shimmer,he is happy.but just then the world went black I can't breath what's wrong with me I can't hear anything around me the world is going cold.my eyes were turning white,I...i can't move. DARKIPLIER appears. "YOU THINK YOU WERE AWAKE YOU SO WEAK NO WONDER YOUR BROTHER TREATS YOU LIKE A PUPPET WELL LETS SEE HOW HE LIKES THE TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE!!!!"He chuckles a horrible laugh.       "But don't worry my lil doll you'll be just fine in this death like sleep for 100 years or longer if my dear friend wilford,eric or yan  doesn't find you." Dark vanishing from the void like place I hope one of them find me I want to be in wilfords arms being cuddled up with him and kissing him as well.my eyes go shut as I hear my last breath being taken away.

WHILE WRITING THIS CHAPTER BE...BECAUSE. actual idk why I was crying idk I get emotional over anything but NVM i need to stop typing in all caps because It Is SO ADDICTING
Anyway see you all in the NEXT CHAPTER......BYE!!!!!!!!!!

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