𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 17 "𝕴'𝖒 𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖊"

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It soon was morning and I got up and sighed, 'another day without Blue..' I thought and got off of the bed, fed my hamsters and soon started to get ready for the day. Or as well start my job.

Heading to the bathroom I started to undress myself and put my clothes to start the day by the sink and head into the shower. Turning on the water as it hit to my skin and the troubles and worries that came to my mind disappeared. It was relaxing sometimes..


Hearing a voice that sounded like...


I looked around to see if he was in the bathroom and I felt my chest getting tight and I fell and started to gasp for air. Feeling the water burning against my skin and he appeared with a cold glare

' No one can hear you so don't even bother for help.' He snarled

'This is somewhat in your head but I do assure you I am real. I do exist. Don't think I'm here for no reason.' He reassured and luckily put a towel over me so he wouldn't see any part of my body. My skin hurts..everything hurts..

'Now listen closely'

'My brother, Bill, will become king soon. Were trying our best to wake up Blue. But once she wakes up this little world will be over soon. Blue will become our new queen. You people will be slaves or more like our pets. And don't even start telling people, they wouldn't belive you anyways. But the reason i'm here is because I like you. And I have no idea what spell Bill put me in to start even feel sympathy for a pathetic creature like you. But..

You will be a prisoner and nothing more, once this new world is created. You will be nothing but hated by the people around you because of your mother. If you were born in a diffrent family, you would live a peaceful life. All I see is tragedies and nothing more.'

He glared at me and sighed

'such a disgrace.'

That's all I heard before hearing pounding on the door.

"Wolfie whats going on?!"

That voice..

It was my uncle Baldi. Looking around and snapped back to reality, I gasped and turned of the water that was burning my skin, "N-Nothing!" I stutter out and startrd to get up weakly but failed and fell over once again, I was weak and needed to catch my breath. Looking at the ceiling weakly and looked like I just overdosed.

'Was it reallt true? Will I...become..A slave?'

I thought to myself. Baldi was getting worried so I got up and started to dry myself and quickly gor dress before opening the door and looked at him, "Y-yeah?" I asked, still kinda out of breath of what just happened. Baldi looked all over my body to see nothing and was still concern "I heard a loud thud and you were silent..." He said and I gave a simple smile, "Don't worry! I'm fine! I just fell and felt a little dizzy but other than that I am A-okay!" I said giving a thumbs up and my smile that charms people apprently. Baldi couldn't help but smiled and patted my head, "Alright. Breakfast is in the kitchen if you want any." He mentioned and went in the bathroom. I head to the kitchen for the scent of pancakes to hit my face, I couldn't help but drool alittle from the delicious smell in the kitchen. And to see Bruler making them, I knew that these pancakes were going to taste like heaven. Ruler looked at me and smiled "Hey Wolfie!" He said softly, he seemed to be a bit better..which was good because he broke down almost about everyday of the week. "Hey, I uhm..can I have some food?" I asked with a smile on my face and Ruler seemed happy to hear this and served me so many pancakes that I could make a kingdom over this. I only ate two pancakes and put the rest that weren't touched in the middle of the table "I have to open my business up! If you guys are burning, go to my shop for some nice cold treats!" I said and left. It was summer school and I still had to be by the school to sell stuff for the studenta that go to summer school. As I started to walk to my stand I see Jade and went to him quickly, "Jade. What are you doing here? You weren't at the list!" I said and Jade just looked at me "Livie can be an asshole sometimes. I needed to come here for some cool." He said simply amd I sighed before taking out some popsicles amd gave it to Jade, "here. You need something to cool you down. Its gonna be hot today." I said and he started to eat his popsicle I gave him.

"So. Whats up with Livie?"

"She's an Äss...making up lies."

"Ah, I know. But..you can end her. Nobody is gonna notice!"

"Still...I would do it but..I might get caught. There's someone..I don't know..I feel like i'm being watched."

"Watched? By who?"

"By a guy with a top hat..he said that he wants to make a deal."

"Deal? What type?"


Jade looked at be before whispering, "I'm sorry"

After that I felt something hitting my head and everything became pitch black


Well...uh..long time huh?

Anyways I hoped you enjoyed

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