Percy Jackson- Working Through a Cold

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Request- Working through a cold

Fandom- PJO/HoO

Requested by joverton707

Percy's eyes snapped open, the fading impression of a dream he couldn't quite remember tugging at his brain. He felt awful. His nose was almost completely blocked, his throat hurt when he swallowed, and an odd heaviness had settled deep in Percy's bones. Probably allergies, Percy reasoned. When constantly flying into new parts of the world that were each experiencing different seasons, allergies were a constant. Nevertheless, Percy tried to shake off the heavy, spacey feeling and got dressed for the day.

"Leo, the Hunters of Artemis have to take an oath to shun the company of men. You have no chance." Piper said.

"Artemis herself couldn't resist the charm of Leo The Lady's Man." Leo flexed a barely there bicep.

"Trust me, she could. She'd also probably smite you for saying that." Percy cut in, taking his usual seat at the table. His voice was oddly stuffy and nasally. His stomach grumbled, but Percy felt slightly nauseous looking at the display of cooked foods and cereal. He settled for nibbling on a piece of toast.

"Would not." Leo tried for a laugh. Piper and Percy laughed as he nervously looked around.

"Who would smite Leo?" Annabeth asked, sitting down beside Percy and pouring herself some cereal. She wondered if it was just her, but Percy looked paler than usual; his tan skin had a grayish tinge.

"Artemis." Percy huffed a laugh.

"Oh, absolutely." Annabeth agreed, glancing sideways at Percy as she heard the nasal tone in his voice.

"You didn't even hear why!" Leo whined.

"Don't need to. You just have that look." Annabeth laughed, trying to cover her mouthful of half chewed cheerios.

"What look?"

"The "Artemis would smite me on contact" look." Annabeth clarified. "Don't worry, Percy has it too."


"Don't act like you're surprised!" Annabeth nudged Percy's shoulder.

"I resen-ha'a'shu" Percy sneezed, and then kept sneezing. He could barely catch his breath. Four sneezes. Five sneezes. Oh no. Percy knew he never sneezed like that unless he had a cold, and considering all of his other symptoms and how he was feeling cold even though he had been sweating a few minutes ago, he was sick.

"Ew!" Everyone shied away from Percy at once, trying to protect their food from the projectile saliva.

"Cover your mouth next time, Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth said.

"S'dorry" Percy sniffled, grabbing a napkin to wipe at his runny nose. He couldn't be sick right now, so he wouldn't be. Percy thought defiantly. It was just a little cold. He could push through for a few days.

"Do you feel okay?" Annabeth asked.

"Yeah. Jud'st allerdgies." Percy said thickly, coughing into his napkin.

Annabeth, knowing Percy and his immune system after almost seven years of near-constant companionship, looked at him skeptically. However, she also knew Percy's personality and knew that he wouldn't admit that he was sick unless faced with certain death.

"Morning." Jason yawned as he walked in and sat down beside Piper, Hazel and Frank trailing in soon after.

"Now that we're all here-" Leo started, interrupted by a loud boom. The ship rocked violently from side to side, everyone trying to get to a stationary object as dishes of food flew off of the table.

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