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"Sean, baby, wake up," Kaycee whispered, lightly poking Sean's cheek as his eyes cracked open. "Julian and Josh just texted, they're on their way to your house," she said. "Bailey and Tahani will be there soon, too."

"I want more time with you," he said, his voice still hoarse. "More time with my baby."

Kaycee laughed. "We just took a four hour nap, Sean," she said, rubbing her eyes to adjust to the light. She had only woken up five minutes prior to a string of texts from the boys.

"Can I tell you something?" Sean asked, adjusting his head so his chin was on her shoulder. "Something important."

"What is it?" asked Kaycee.

"It's really serious, Kayc," Sean said, the tone changing in his voice.

Kaycee turned to him, their bodies now facing each other. "What is it?" she asked, her mind feeling chaotic as she started to feel nervous to hear what he had to say.

"I'm serious," he said. "Kaycee, this is really serious."

"Spit it out, Sean!" Kaycee urged, nudging his shoulder.

His expression turned into an evil smile as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "You're beautiful."

Kaycee rolled her eyes while she turned to lay on her back. "Sean Lew!" she shouted, "You can't scare me like that!"

He just laughed, cuddling up to her side again. "What? You are beautiful. That was a serious statement."

"You are such a headass."

Kaycee sat up, and Sean soon followed her as the two got out of bed and stretched. Sean wrapped his arms around Kaycee's torso as she stretched her arms up, and he kissed her cheek.

"You are beautiful," he repeated. "My beautiful angel."

She turned around and smiled wide. "You look adorable when you're sleeping."

"So do you, Caitlin." he hummed, kissing her cheek again.

Kaycee's head tilted, "Why do you keep calling me Caitlin all of the sudden?"

"I love your middle name. It suits you," he winked, letting go of her waist and kissing her just one more time. He really could never get enough of her.

Kaycee's mind went blank for a moment — at the use of the word love. That was a strange word for them, it always had been. In their friendship, before they even were anything, it was never used. People always noticed that. His usage of love in his posts for everybody besides her always gave everyone reason to speculate their status. It never bothered Kaycee; she knew he loved her, at least as a best friend. She didn't need to hear it, and neither did he. The word love made her skin crawl lately from the unknowingness. Was this love?

"Anyone home?" he asked, opening the door and walking outside of her room, pulling her from her rampage of thoughts.

Kaycee shook her head. "Mom and Dad went out, Ky is at a friends house and Devon went home."

Sean turned around and smirked. "You mean we had the house to ourselves this whole time and we wasted it sleeping?"

"I can't wake you up when you look so cute sleeping," Kaycee winked, walking past him down the stairs.

He followed her, down into the kitchen as she looked through the fridge for a snack. He came up behind her and snaked his arms around her waist, rubbing her stomach.

"What time are we kicking everyone out?" he asked, "Midnight?"

Kaycee nodded. "Something like that," she said, wiggling out of his arms. "You doing better?"

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