Judgment Day

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When Hiro was younger, he was afraid of swimming.

Though he would never admit that anything scared him, water would always be something he shied away from. The waves, the complexity of the ocean, the fish inside...it was easy to say that he wasn't amused by it. Tadashi, on the other hand, loved to swim. The last time they had been swimming together was when Hiro was only nine years old and Tadashi thirteen, and to say the least, Tadashi's plot to get Hiro in the water didn't go as planned.

"I'm not swimming in the deep end."

"Nobody said you had to!"

Tadashi watched from the water in the community pool as Hiro glared at him from the ground above, his arms crossed. He clearly wouldn't give into his older brother's pleas, unafraid of telling him that he would rather sit in the sun and die of skin cancer than get in the water with his brother.

"Tadashi, I don't want to. Can I please just go sit by our chairs?"

"Hiro, it's just water! Besides, there's not many people around. I can help you!"

"I said I don't want to, okay? I'm sorry, but I'm gonna go get dressed."

Tadashi watched with a frown as Hiro walked beside the pool toward the deep end before Tadashi looked down at the water with a sigh. Why did Hiro have to be so stubborn? And why didn't he trust him?

What Tadashi didn't know, however, was that while Hiro was walking, a larger teenager was running beside the pool as well, slamming into Hiro and sending him crashing into the water. Hiro's heart stopped as he fell in, and no matter how hard he scrambled to get back to the surface, he only sank deeper into the 14-foot-deep pool before everything went black.

Tadashi looked up at their chairs and frowned when he saw that Hiro was nowhere in sight. A sense of foreboding overcame him as he looked all around land for his little brother and swallowing thickly when he realized he wasn't anywhere to be seen. His head perked at the sound of a whistle blowing behind him, and he whipped his head around to see a lifeguard diving into the deep end of the pool.

"Oh, no..."

After a good few seconds that felt like forever, the lifeguard returned to the surface, Hiro's body in his arms. Tadashi's eyes widened and he jumped out of the pool as the lifeguard got out of the water and placed the boy on the ground, starting CPR and only worrying Tadashi more than he already was.

"It wasn't my fault!" a boy said from behind the lifeguard. "He was in the way!"

"There's no running near the pool," the lifeguard snapped, applying pressure continuously to Hiro's chest. "This is one reason why. Everyone get back!"

Tadashi shoved the onlookers aside, staring at the ground in horror before kneeling by Hiro's side.

"Hiro, c'mon, knucklehead. Please be okay."


"You're gonna be fine. Y-You're safe."


"C'mon, Hiro, breathe!"




Tadashi emerged from the ocean water as the storm slammed against the waves, splashing around to stay afloat. He looked around for the others, spotting Honey Lemon, Fred, Krei...then Callaghan, Krei's assistant...

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