part 6

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The army ball was something they always kept avoiding but this time Naina somehow managed to bring them there.

They were skeptical at first
But soon realized that they are not the center of humiliation
They saw respect in the eyes of people meeting them... greeting them with a smile.

Their daughter has made them proud clearing Naveen's name and herself setting a position in the system.

Alekh was now and then attending them
Asking them to eat something to sit comfortably
And Pooja chirping around them making them laugh with her special mobile talk.

Her fellow officers.... Coming to them....
Her seniors praising her skills and work.

But what had caught their attention was .... The sudden glow on her face and the moment they saw the direction of her gaze ..... There he was smiling.... gracefully talking with an officer.

Soon in few minutes
They saw him looking at their table and heading towards them.

Alekh and Pooja spring quickly

"Rajveer sir.... Please baithiye na..."
Said Pooja asking him to occupy the vacant chair.

He was standing just behind Naina's chair.... Looking with downcast eyes towards her parents who were sitting with a statement..

"Hello sir hello mam."
He said politely

Her parents noded without any dark expression....

"Sir baithiye na
Apke liye kuch laun"
Said alekh getting up from chair

"Nahi alekh I am ok
He said asking him to sit back

"Main bas greet karne Aya tha"
He said

"Are Han sir wo cl chug apko dhund rahe the..."
Said alekh ....

"Actually main bhi unhi ko dhund Raha tha ....need to discuss something imp
I will catch you guyes later "
He said and was about to leave when a waiter came there with tray full of soup cups.....

Pooja - uncle aunty soup lijiye na
Bohot achcha hai

Said Pooja and asked waiter for few cups

The waiter kept two cups on table and got clumsy as he was about to put down the third cup... Slipping the cup from his hand ...
In no time he judge the accident and took the hot steaming soup cup ....on his hand which was otherwise about to fall on Naina...

He hissed in pain.... As his skin burnt

She got up immediately

"Rajveer sir "

She saw her hand
The skin was red already

Alekh came to them with wetting his rumal with water from the glass...

Tieing it around his hand

"It's ok it's fine...."
He said to calm the three of them...

With waiter apologizing in background

"It's ok....tum jao"
He said looking at the waiter ....

"Washroom chaliye "
Said Naina with concerned voice

He saw her and signaled her a no...
Asking her not to come with him....

Not unnoticed by her parents

Alekh - chaliye sir apun chalta hai

Alekh escorted him to wash his hand and Naina resisted no to walk after him....and turned to sit down...

Era - beta kahi gira to nahi na
Her mother asked with concern

Naina - nahi sir ne bacha liya.
She said


"I need a word with you Captain shikhawat"
Said her mother , making his heart stop for a moment

He felt like a mischief kid caught doing some prank

"Jii, kahiye"

He said gently

"What are you two up to...."
She asked directly and he saw her as if he didn't get it.

Her mother sighed and

"Ek taraf tum use humari bat manne ke liye kehte ho....
Lekin uski Zindagi se dur bhi nahi jate ho.
Ye jante hue ke humein aitraz hai
Tum dono milte ho.....
Where is this heading.....
Chahte Kya ho tum dono"
Asked her mother in frustration

He was listening everything with cool temper and calmness on his face

"Hum ek dusre ko chahte Hain....
Ek dusre ke sath rehna chahte Hain"
He said fearlessly surprising her ....

"Par kuch dayere bandh rakhe Hain humne....
Us dayre mein rehte hue..... Mohabbat karte Hain ekdusre see.....
Kuch rishte naam ke mohtaaj nahi hote."

He said with moist eyes....
Lowering his eyes for few secs then saw her again straight in her eyes.

"Ap befikar rahiye.....
Apko lagta hai apne Meri wajah see apna beta khoya hai....
Ye Mera wada hai apse ke ap Meri wajah se apni beti kabhi nahi khoengi."

"Naina mujhme aur ap dono mein see
Ap dono ko hi chunegi
Lekin ap mujhe usse mohabbat karne se nahi rok sakti....
Main khud bhi apne ap ko nahi rok sakta....
Aur ye koi zid nahi hai....
Bas kuch cheeze humari hath see bahar hoti hai.
Kuch cheezo pe humara bas nahi chalta.....
Ap apni nafrat se majboor hai
Aur main apni mohabbat se.
Hum dono hi galat nahi hai....

Ummed hai ap samjhengi."

She was speechless
She had no answers on this explanation.

She was amazed to agree with him.

"Main chalun"
He asked permission to leave joining his hands in front of her in respect....

And she kept wondering and thinking about his words.

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