Chapter 37

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Here's why I did what I did in the last chapter.

.......I actually don't know. I mean I felt bad because i kept forgetting about Jack and Mark. But why i did this. I don't know.

Being totally honest here though. I may have cried over that last chapter.



"I guess it's time we start looking for our own house." Lance said as he packed Georgia-Grace's clothes in a bag.

Keith nodded. "Yeah."

"Out of all the people why them?" Keith mumbled. "What did they do to deserve this?"

Lance stopped doing what he was doing and walked over to Keith and wrapped his arms around him.

"Who knows." Lance said. "I know it'll be hard. They were close friends. But what we do know is that their last wish was for us to take care of their little girl. So that's what we are going to do for them."

Keith nodded. "It just sucks. Georgia is going to grow up without remembering who her real dads were."

"And when she gets to the right age, we will tell her." Lance mumbled giving his soulmate a kiss on the cheek. "For now we got to thing of where we are going to put Georgia."

"She can stay in my room for now." Keith answered as Lance went back over to finish packing.

"Sounds good." Lance said.

"We will have to bring her crib over too." Keith groaned.

"I'll grab it. Why don't you head home with this stuff and I'll take apart the crib." Lance suggested.

"Are you sure?" Keith asked.

"Positive." Lance replied.

"Okay. But I'm sending mom over." Keith chucked and stood up off of the floor grabbing a few bags and Lance grabbing the rest.

"That's fine." Lance laughed. "Once your moms over here, we can grab the rest of Georgia's stuff. Do you know what's happening to this house?"

"Mark's sister and her husband will be moving in." Keith said remembering a conversation with Mark and Jack about it. "They have two boys."

Lance nodded. "I see."

The two males got the baby's things packed in the car.

"Be safe." Lance said pecking Keith's lips.

"You too. I'll send mom over quickly." Keith smiled.

"Alright. Love you."

"Love you too."

Keith got into the driver's seat of the car and pulled out of the driveway, heading home.


"Hey mom?" Keith asked walking into the house.

"Whats up?" Krolia asked walking into view.

"Could you head over and help Lance?" Keith questioned. "He's gotta get the crib and there's a bit more stuff we need."

"Yup. I'll head over now." Krolia said. "I'll be back in a bit. Oh and the girls are on the couch. Both sleeping."

"Thank you." Keith said.

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