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Sophia's POV
The last few days were spent with starving myself and long nights of no sleep. The bags under my eyes were definite and I had visibly lost a few pounds. James came in to check on me every few hours and when he brought food, I threw out the window. I got up every once in awhile to use the bathroom then try to go back to sleep. Every time I did sleep, I only saw visions of what Titus saw so I tried my best not to sleep. My parents left me alone and let James take care of me.

I've noticed Terry around our house every once in awhile. I no longer wanted to have any ties with either of my mates. In 4 days, the Alpha Meeting is happening and that means James will be leaving.

I haven't sleep for the past 72 hours. My eyes began to droop as my tiredness kicked in. My mind was pulled deeper into my subconscious.

I felt my chest start to burn and warmth around my body or more like Titus'. The trees whipped past him as he ran through the forest. The anger from before disappeared and he was now filled with grief. He moved faster as he reached a pack border. My pack. I pulled my subconscious out of his.

"He's coming for me," I whisper. I throw the blanket off of me and quickly stand up. My head became dizzy and I fall to my knees. My hand instantly went to my stomach and my other hand to my head.

"James," I weakly call. He's been handling his beta duties from home to take care of me. He bursts through he door and sees me on the floor.

"What the he'll happened?" He asked helping me up. The hurt in my chests started to hurt more as I felt him get closer. The bond swirled, begging for us to be together again.

"He's coming back," I said. I didn't want to see his face. My wolf has disappeared somewhere and I can't find her. His scent became stronger and my head began to hurt. I heard a long, familiar howl. There was a loud bang at the door and I shivered.

"Stay here I'll be back," he said. I heard distant shouting and a large growl.

"LET ME SEE HER," he growled. I swear I felt the house shake from their fighting. My wolf started to come back and wanted to see Titus. She wanted to loose control and let the bond lead her.

"You're trespassing on pack lands," James snarled starting to get irritated. I felt my wolf push through my hold. My head started to throb and a wave of pain went through my head.

My wolf pushed through and I felt my canines grow and my claws came out. I dug my claws into the wooden floor as my wolf let out a roar. My hands went to my head as I screamed trying to push her back.

I heard my door fly open and a hand on my arm. Sparks danced between our skin and my wolf seemed to calm down but I let out a growl.

"Get the hell away from me," I said moving back away from him. My head started to pound as I started to get farther from him. My wolf started to push through and I felt myself shifting. I had to use all my strength to stop her. If she shifts, she could hurt the baby. Her wolf was having a fight with my skin.

I gather the remaining strength I could, which wasn't a lot since I haven't slept in awhile, and pushed her back. My body fell and I caught myself letting my arms drop to the floor so I could hold myself up. I heavy breathing continued and all my energy was drained.

"Are you okay?" James' voice asked in my ear. I nod and he helped me to my feet.

"You can't exert your energy like that it's bad for her," he said. He didn't use baby but her gender. Titus could think he meant wolf. I brushed him off and balanced myself on my bed frame.

"Titus you have 5 seconds to get out of my house before I lose it," I growled lowly not making eye contact with him.

"Can I explain cause it was not what it looked like," he begged.

"Really? Cause it looked like you lied to me and had sex with Lyra. It looked like you broke every promise you've ever promised me. It looked like I lost my will to live," I felt his pain through the link and he looked at me.

"It wasn't m-"

"No I don't want to hear your stupid excuses about why it happened or that it wasn't you or that you would never pull that shit on me. You said that you wanted to start a family with me but I don't want it. It looks like you don't want it with me either so go to Lyra," I said.

"Open your link," he said. I shook my head. I didn't want to let in all the emotions that have been bordered up.

"You don't want me to tell you anything so I'm going to show you," he said. He moved toward me in a swift motion and kissed me, letting my guard down. My wolf took this chance and let down the wall.

Third Person POV
Suddenly, the scenery changed. Sophia saw Titus standing in a pavilion with two omegas. Lights strung the roof and flowers were placed on the pillars. One omega arranged the table in the middle while the other kept snow off of the platform. She was watching Titus' memories.

This was happening while Sophia was on the way to look for Titus. He felt a pang in his chest and his eyes became frantic. He was worried that Sophia had gotten hurt. Little did he know, he was the one that hurt her without being there.

He ran towards the pack house following her scent. He ran up to the office hallway where her scent lingered. By now, Sophia has already started leaving with James.

The smell of lust filled the hallway and his office. He let out a large roar as he saw Lyra with one of his warriors having sex. He called for other warriors to throw them in the dungeons so he could deal with them later.

Nikolai came up the stairs and was surprised to see Titus standing in front of his door.

"What the helm happened to Sophia?" He asks lowly and quickly. Nikolai was still in shock at seeing Titus standing in front of his office door while Lyra and the warrior was being escorted off.

"S-Sophia saw you in there h-having sex with y-you," he said pointing at me. Another wave of pain rushed through my chest but it wasn't Sophia's pain. It was his. He felt her pass the border and he let out a roar of pain. His desire for her grew as she got farther away.

He stormed his way out of the pack house and into his. Sophia's family had their bags in their hand and Jacob looked at him with disgust.

"WHERE THE HELL IS SHE?" he yelled. He was blinded by rage at himself. How could he have let that happen. He should have stayed by her side this morning. She would still be standing here, next to him, in his arms.

"YOUR STUPID ASS CHEATED ON HER," he growled back. He was hurt at how Jacob though he would do such thing the only thing making his life worth it. Another of hurt spread through him.

"You actually think I would do such a thing?" He asked. Anger that was in him was replaced with sadness. "Lyra was found having sex in my office with one of our warriors. They're in the dungeon until further notice."Jacob's eyes soften and he realized what was happening. By then, Sophia's parents had already left.

"She left already," he said. Titus fell to his knees. He couldn't loose her like he lost Brooke. He couldn't suffer another death of his mate. Titus loves Sophia and he would give up anything for her. Now she was gone with a thinking that he cheated on her.
Sophia's POV
I stumbled back away from Titus grasp and my back hit the wall.

"What was that?" I ask.

"That was what happened that day you left. The day you thought I cheated on you. Sophia I want you to know that I would never do that to you. You mean so much to me. I thought after Brooke died, that my life would have no meaning. That I would wake up everyday morning and work in my office for hours and go to sleep and repeat. When I met you, your life gave me meaning it gave me hope that I could make something better out of myself than the constant repeat of my boring life. You may not believe what you just saw and you might hate me for the rest of your life but I want you to know you were the best thing that has ever happened to me," he said. At that point, I was in tears.

"I love you," I said. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed my forehead.

"I love you too."
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