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Ethan's POV

I was waiting for Mary to show up at the penthouse. I asked her out on a date 3 days ago.

There she is . She just walked in . I greeted her .

"How's it been going with the family ?"She asked .

"Great."I said .

"Great actually. My parents were happy to have me home ." I took a sip of water .

"How about you ?" I asked .

"Amazing. Chris and Trey made it funny as hell . Momma J asked about you . She was wondering where you were ." She said .

"Awww I would've loved to have swung by. Why didn't you call me ?"

"You were on your ski trip those couple days ." She half smiled .

"Oh yeah !" I remembered.

"I didn't want to interrupt." She held my hand .

"I was wondering since we missed New Years together can I get a late New Years kiss?"I smiled .

She walked over to my side of the table and kissed me for a few seconds. It felt good .
Her lips felt amazing against mine . They were soft as always. I swear this girl always makes me smile regardless of our situation.

"I think I might need 100 more ." I pulled her down and sat her on my lap . I pecked her lips .

"You're lucky you're cute ." She giggled before she gave me many more kisses.

"Hey! I've always been cute." I was being a little cocky .

"I know ." She kissed me again.

She pulled back and we just locked eyes .
Everything stood still . All you heard was the low volume music playing on the surround sound .

"You're so beautiful . Did you know that ."

She smiled softly.

I looked down at her lips then back up at her .

We both slowly leaned in . We began kissing slowly. It got deeper and deeper as the seconds went by . This kiss was filled with passion . Something we haven't felt in a while .

Her lips were so plump , soft . and sweet . I swear my lips felt like they were melting into hers .

I picked her up and carried her to my room without breaking the kiss . I gently placed her on my bed . Her hands stayed around my neck . Mine traveled inside her shirt where they rubbed her back .

Soon my hands were undressing her .

I kissed down from her jaw to her neck slowly making her feel every single one of them . Her soft moans filled the room . Her hands rubbed my wood making me hard.

Her hands were now unbuckling my pants . She wants it now . I smirked.

I took off my shirt and took off my pants and all . She looked down at my hard wood now full erect. She looked at it with a smirk . This is about to be a couple rounds.

I climbed on top of her pressing my wood on her. I began to tongue kiss her . Our tongues fought for dominance.

I aligned myself to her entrance . I slowly pushed myself inside of her . A loud moan left her mouth .

I thrusted in and out of her slow making her throw her head back and feel all of me . . She wrapped her hands around the bed sheets gripping them tight .

She was dripping wet .

"How do you want it baby?"

"F-faster ." She stuttered.

"Whatever the princess desires I will give it to her ." I began to speed up .

I had her legs almost touching her shoulders .
This girl was feeling all of me . Her screaming my name made me harder.

She felt so good . Her wetness made my member slide in smoother . My climax was coming soon . I can't deny it . She has that good thang .

"ETHAN !" She moaned out .


"ETHAN!" Her hands scratched my back .

I left hickeys all over her stomach . I didn't want her to get In trouble with anybody.

"Do you want it faster mama?"

She nodded.

"As you please ."

I went even faster now . She was feeling ALL of it . She screamed my name even louder. She dug her nails into my back .

"ETHAN!" She moaned louder . I smirked at the sight .


"Hold it a little longer babygirl not yet ." I kept going .

I put In a few more strokes after we tried all different positions . Then we came .


"Round 2. This time you ride me ." I whispered into her ear .

She followed instructions. She was now on top of me as she sat on my lap .

She began rocking her hips back and forth slowly . I threw my head back in pleasure.

"Faster babygirl !" I demanded .

She put her hand on my chest for stability. She began going faster . I moaned out her name. She was making me feel so good .

"MARY!" I gripped the sheets .

She moaned out in pleasure. She was getting it how she wanted . She was in control .

"I'M CLOSE!" I screamed out .

She road me faster . 


She finally stopped .  She began helping me out my finishing me off . I finally came all over her hands .

"Clean it up for me babygirl ." I smirked.

She went down and began to lick me clean . The way her tongue and mouth felt around my wood was incredible. 

She came back up .

"I need you to help me too ." She whispered in my ear seductively.

I put her under me .  I went down and began to move my tongue in ways that made her cum all over my mouth . 

I began to lick her clean . She was moaning softly as she ran her hands through my hair .

I finally finished making her cum twice .

I came up and wrapped my arms around her .
She began to kiss all over my body . She left a few hickeys on my neck . I was so satisfied by by her . I swear this woman is incredible at what she does .

"I'm going to take a shower ." She said as she got out of bed .

"I'm coming in with you ." I followed behind her .

she took a hold of my hand and pulled me into the restroom and then into the hot shower.

"This feels so good ." She said as the hot water hit her skin .

I wrapped my arms around her from behind . I pressed my bulge against her behind making her gasp.

"You felt so good around me ." I kissed her neck .

"Those pink plum lips of yours against my skin felt so good on my body ." I whispered in her ear .

She threw her head to the side as my lips kissed her neck and shoulder.

"Ethan ." She softly moaned .

"Ride me like that again and I will make sure you're legs are useless for 1 week ." I whispered in to her ear sending shivers down her spine .

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