Chap. 4

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Chap. 4

"Zane!" I shut my laptop and moved it to the bedside table. The window was

locked, so I flipped the switch and opened it.

"Hey." he grinned.

"What're you doing here?" I asked. He pulled himself up and sat on the sill,

raising an eyebrow at me.

"Wanting to know why my brother was on a date with you after school?"

"We weren't on a date." I shook my head.

"Good." he smiled. "Because your mine."

"Says who? You?"


"So that's all that matters?"

"I guess so." he smiled, making my heart thud.

"I bet."

"I can hear your heart, you know." that's what I needed. My heart beat harder

and faster yet.


"It speeds up when you look at me." he smiled. I blushed. "Not to mention talk

to me." my face was red. I could feel it. His fingers touched mine. Both of our

hands were lying on the white window sill.

"What do you want, Zane?" I sighed.

"Invite me in." he said. "Please."


"Because I like you. And it's kind of obvious you like me."

"Zane." I sighed again. "The last time a vampire came into my house my..." I

took a deep breath. "My Mom died."

"I'm not like that. You know I wouldn't hurt you."


"Evilyn." I loved the way he said my name. "Come on." I couldn't resist. I took

his hand.

"Come in."

I wasn't sure what made me do it - he wasn't seducing me, I was wearing my

ring. He couldn't use any power over me.

"What is making me do this?" I sighed.

"Maybe it's just because I'm so damn hot." he chuckled.

"And modest." I grumbled. I sat back down on the bed and re-opened my laptop.

"Close the window while your up." I said. He did so and got up on the bed,

sitting next to me, our backs against the backboard.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Just finished homework." I said. "Now I'm going to going to go change into


"You know, if you just took off -"

"I'll be right back." I cut him off, knowing what he was going to say. I grabbed

my black spandex shorts and my white cami and changed in the bathroom. I took a

minute to drag my brush through my black hair. I really was starting to fall for

Zane. I don't think his good looks were the whole thing. His smile, his laugh,

and his sense of humor. I'd think on that.

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