Chapter 2

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Paul pulled the van into the drive of the hotel. It didn't take long to get back from MSG, their rout was fairly short. Harry had stopped crying, and was browing through his phone. He had always like to fool around on the internet, watching funny videos of him and the lads from the X Factor days. It somehow always made him feel.. at ease.

The feeling of happiness was soon corrupted as Harry opened the YouTube application on his phone. It was just horrible. On the popular page was a video reading


Just at the sight of it Harry winced. 2 million views already. He quickly shut off his phone as the van came to a hault.

Harry put his face up to the dark tinted windows. No fans. Management clearly did a great job of hiding the boys' location this time. Their entrance to the city was much more subtle this time around than a big red bus that said their name on it. Instant giveaway you could call it. He pulled his head back from the glass.

Harry reached out for the handle, and pulled. Light from the outside came pouring in. He hadn't realized how bright it really was outside, it was quite a lovely day.. well for the most part. When Harry stepped, one foot after the other out of the van, he saw something all too familiar. Guards.

Harry didn't really like guards, but at the same time he did. He didn't really like the fact of having to be protected 24/7 but he did feel a lot safer around them. At least he didn't have to worry about a crazed fangirl or something.

He walked up the pathway to the door of the hotel, Paul following behind. He opened up the glass doors expecting to see something extraordinary, magnificent, phenominal. But it was the same. The same luggage carriers, the same elevators, even the receptionist at the front desk looked the same to Harry. Just another day at a 5 star hotel, where Harry was treated like something other than a human being.

"May I take your luggage sir?" It was a man. He was to happy, it almost made Harry want to punch him, since Harry was already having a bad day. But he knew how to keep his cool.

"No thanks, its already up in my room" he said with the most real-fake smile he could create. "Thanks though"

The man just sort of grinned. He made a face that sort of said 'Gee thanks buddy, I was fishing for a tip'. Harry walked slowly over to the elevators, adjusting his beanie atop his brown curls. He stretched his arm out and pressed the button. The wait for the elevator seemed like hours, when in reality it was only 47 seconds. It dinged, opened, and Harry walked inside.

He couldn't help but grin when he got inside. Instead of playing cheesy elevator music he heard

"You're insecure-Don't know what for-You're turnin heads when you walk through the do-o-or"

He laughed a little, still smiling like a freak. He still couldn't believe he made it this far. His thoughts came to a pause when the doors opened. He had reached his floor. And the first thing he saw was a little irish man by the name of Niall Horan shuffling around in the hallway.

He was walking around like a wierdo when he turned around, surprised.

"Yoo Harry!" He came somewhat jogging down the hallway towards Harry. Harry couldn't help but grin. "How've you been?" Niall asked, hugging Harry, smiling. He had such an adorable smile.

"I've been better..." Harry said then paused. It was sort of an awkward silence. "Anyway bro, how have you been! I missed you man! Are you seeing anyone?"

Niall sort of looked at Harry as if he wanted to tell him something he couldn't. "Umm.. No actually haha" Niall knew he was lying. Not only to himself, but Harry. "I'm waiting for my princess" Niall grinned showing his braces. Harry knew something was up, but he didn't bother questioning him.