Boundless Light / Chapter 12

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"You have caused pain, havoc, and destruction in this world for over one hundred years," they all say as one.

"Your reign of terror has come to its end. You have caused me much pain," they say, sequentially.

"Am I the lucky one? To finally be graced with your presence?" I yell, sarcastically.

"You never understood the balance, you are weak.

You will never see the light again. You will rot and die in your misery, with the blood of your race on your hands. I have outgrown you," they say aloud.

"Never!" I yell, sending out energy, ripping up the earth.

All seven lift their hands at once, without thought, I countered back with their power. Knocking me off my feet, they walk on air as if it's solid.

Then the Auriel is the first to drop to the ground, standing, his face is stern, and his fist is balled. After that Kuro, then Ren, and the rest of them follow. Standing in a straight line, their eyes full of power. The Auriel's power is a pure light blue, the Kuro's is pure gold, Ren's is white, Ecos is pure green, Edur is silver, Argi's is a fiery orange and Sapphires is a maroon red.

Their power pulsing through each one's veins.

"These are your new Elders? They are weak," I say aloud.

"Come forth let me show you what a true Elder looks like," I say aloud.

Taking off in godspeed the Auriel is the first to attack, blocking his simultaneous punches, he steps back.

"Is that all Kai?" I say, egging him on.

Jumping from behind him, Xodus slams his fist into the very spot I was in.

Giving me momentarily a millisecond to jump back. Coming from the left Eve and from the right Aura. Grabbing both of their wrist stopping their impact, Sapphire flies into my chest with her leg like a rocket. Releasing the girls, I hurl backwards forcing my feet to fall back to the ground. Coming out of the sky, like a meteor the little boy kneels in the crater he made. His eyes a fiery orange.

"Is this all? This is all you bring to my table?"

"Silence," they all say in unison.

"All things belong to Ewa, Ewa is light and life. Every second. Every moment. Every Breath.

She will reclaim what is hers," they say.

Immediately, they stick out their hands towards me.

"Your power is Ewa's, and she wants it back!" they say, yelling.

Deep within my core, my spirit locks up, causing my body to freeze.

Watching the Auriel, he slowly walks my way placing his hand to my chest, my body lifts into the air uncontrollably.

"Release me!" I yell.

"You are unworthy of such power," they say together.

Spreading his fingers, I feel my power slipping out of its core and into my veins.

"All belongs to Mother. All energy. All life."

My power begins to flow at my fingertips, as they start stripping me of my energy.

Unable to move, my power vacates my body, sinking back into the earth's crust.

I watch as my power is extracted from me, crawling up my lungs and out of my nose and mouth taking every last drop.

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