The Last Battle / Chapter 11

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Waking up peacefully, today is the day, anxiety and jitters ignite the air.

Without hesitation I coat my body, forming my armor, titanium metal with a white cape and semi-long tail. I teleport directly to the throne room, seers unbothered continue to go on with their work. As some castle servants stare, I walk out and exit down the steps of the palace. A sonic boom comes from the sky. Looking up, Rain falls at full speed, catching himself about three feet in the air, before plummeting into the ground.

A gust of wind emanates from the catch as he lands on his feet. His armor is a deep metallic, dark blue and has a black cape with a tail.

"You look good," I say.

"As do you, the rest are coming," sensing them, we head back inside, up the steps.

Standing at the doorstep, Eve is the first to come into the throne room. Her armor is different, her arms are free, her armor starts at her shoulders with an all-black cape. The armor is pure gold, golden snakes are wrapped around her wrist, and her nails are glittery golden claws, sharp as daggers.

Next, Xodus comes with a bronze metallic armor with a white cape and tail. After Sapphire walks in with a burgundy metallic armor with a black cape and tail. Z comes out with fiery red-orange metallic armor with a white cape that actually creates fire from it. Next, Aura comes out majestically, with all black armor, blonde hair with her essence slipping out of the cracks of her armor, giving an ambient green light, with her all black cape as well.

Slowly, they all make their way towards the entrance of the castle.

Standing in a circle, we all admire each other's battle armor.

"I like that hue coming out of your armor," says Xodus to Aura.

"Oh really?" she says shocked, "I wanted something that was original as we all are." "Can I do that to mine?" he asks.

"Yeah sure..."

Large silverish hue comes out of his armor, giving an ambient lighting presence in his suit.

I directly do the same, as my hue is blue. Sapphires red, Z's orange, Rains dark blue, and Eve's gold.

"I... like... it...," says Xodus.

"We... look...godly," he says smirking, staring at his armor.

Women and children pass by us as they enter the castle, as a welcomed guest.

Looking around they pass us smiling happily, comforted to be getting away from the fate of war.

As they run inside, a small rumble passes throughout the castle as a giant blue beam shoots out of the center of the castle and begins to create a giant blue dome of energy.

A large two-toned horn comes from city's walls, as the lights turn red, throughout the sky and in the streets.

Hundreds of soldiers on black horses come trotting through the Main Streets they all travel in straight lines headed to the gate as it begins to open.

'You ready?!" I say, excitingly.

I teleport all of us at once. We fall from the sky just in front of the wall, as Sapphire sends for individual pillars to catch us. The pillars tower over the city giving each of us a bird's eye view of the battlefield.

We are in a V formation spread out against the wall with Xodus and Aura at the ends, as Z and Sapphire stand in the outer V, and Eve and Rain to my right and left.

Distant drumming comes from the mountains as giant war elephants are the first to peek over the mountain. Blaring out, is a deep two-toned horn that rings in the air. Imperials of Akos come over the mountain in unison. Krekoks army takes the mountain to the left, and Nephfire's army to the right. They all began cheering and screaming as Krios sits on a throne carried by four muscular white beasts that have no eyes, but razor-sharp teeth. He lifts his head as he stares at us, confidence settles on his face.

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