Prometheus Drak / Chapter 9

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I wake up to the sun glaring into my eyes, looking around our cover disappears as the Ladies of Nythiem retract back into their humanoid forms.

Aura jumps up, "Are you serious? It is barely sunrise," she says, asking them.

She begins her telepathic conversation with them. "I'm sure we would have woken up, there was no need to be so rude," she says, dismissing them.

I stand up and start to stretch as the others buzz awake.

Curiously, I send my power to my toes, as I begin to levitate, I slowly float just above the trees.

I stare at the mountains of Batham, "It's about a half a day's journey," I say aloud.

I allow myself to come down, touching the floor everyone is up eating the berries we picked last night. I grab a handful and sit on the mound. I look over, and Z is drawing in the dirt.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"Just got some ideas," he says, laughing benevolently.

Rain's eyebrows go up suspiciously.

I look over at Eve with her eyes closed, meditating, her hairs begin moving into place, some are being wrapped into small braids.

"Are we ready?" I ask everyone.

"Yes," says Z, "I will remember these," he says, turning his head up.

We all get up, and the ladies lead, and we follow after them.

"Do they know where we are headed?" I ask Aura.

"Yeah I told them," she says.

We all walk in silence just listening to the wilderness, the birds in the trees, the movement of the trees and the cold rushing water flowing in the nearby creek.

"What are they?" asks Xodus.

"Who?" ask Aura.

"The ladies of Nythiem?" he asks.

"I've never seen anything like them, they are living walking human trees," he says, staring.

"And they can talk," he says in awe.

"They are one of the first," says Aura.

"They walked with Mother Earth for some time," is what they told me.

The first creatures of the earth were as big as mountains, the steps themselves would uplift life and create life all around. They say Mother Earth watched her beings do good, but she was unhappy because they lacked empathy. So she sent them to go rest, some became mountains, others went into the sea and lived within it, others became islands. Some just laid down and became the earth themselves. And they are asleep till this day.

Next, she created spirits that dwelled in the earth, and she created the four ladies of Nythiem. They each are over the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western forest of the planet. They are ancient, beautiful women. In this, Mother Earth was happy and saw the need for them, so she allowed them to live and take care of life. But still, she was not fulfilled. Her last and most incredible creation was the Imperials, she created them in her likeness. Wonderfully and fearfully made, she saw the potential in each one of them. That is when she split her power into seven and gave each one a part of her. Afterward, she told them to be fruitful and multiply as she went to go rest, and the seven built their thrones around the place she conceded.

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