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Today was their last day at camp until they had to leave for their quest, they all increased their skills greatly in that short period of time and had all fully healed up; they still had some bruises however. Luna had been walking alone by the edge of the lake, even though she was traumatised by water she still found it beautiful and calming; she'd never step into it but she could still admire it. Surprisingly she didn't find Jeongin by the water, he normally went to visit and talk to his dad everyday.

You can do this, you are my only mortal daughter, but you will prove to be stronger than any of your immortal siblings.

She subconsciously clutched the key on her necklace as her mother's voice filled her head. She closed her eyes as she sucked in a deep breath. "Time to go" she whispered to herself before heading back to her cabin. Hyunjin was there waiting for her at the steps of her cabin, his leg bouncing anxiously as he held his head down. She kneeled in front of him, he was still oblivious to her, he seemed to be in his own world; she gently placed a hand on his bouncing leg which made him jump.

"Hi" he muttered, she gently pulled him up and let him inside of her cabin. He sat on her bed, twiddling with his thumbs as he watched her pack her bag for tomorrow.

"What's wrong?" She asked as she sat next to him, gently moving some hair away from his eyes. He shook his head, still looking down at his hands. She sighed a bit, gently placing one of her hands on top of his before gently grabbing his chin and making him look at her; her curiosity-filled eyes scanning his face. His lips were parted in the slightest bit—most likely out of shock—a pink tinge dusted over his cheeks as his eyes dashed all around her face; she smiled a bit, still taking in all of his gorgeous features.

She let out an amused chuckle, "no wonder you're Aphrodite's kid"

His blush deepened as he attempted to stammer out a sentence but failed miserably. She pressed a kiss to his forehead, leaving the latter slightly disappointed however he kept quiet. Hyunjin watched her get up, roaming around her cabin, searching for things to get packed. He hadn't realised that his body had moved on his own till he had the elder pinned; arms on either side of her head and their bodies close together.


He scanned her face just as she previously did to him before leaning in, pressing a short and gentle kiss to her lips. His face was bright red once he pulled away, he removed his arms and hung his head down out of embarrassment. When he heard a small laugh he looked back up; Luna and tilted her body back against the wall as she covered her mouth. He was clearly confused which only made her laugh more.

"You're cute" she giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck and interlocking her fingers together.

His hands rested at her waist, his thumbs subconsciously drawing circles. She pulled him in for another kiss, it was still just as gentle but there was a hidden neediness behind it; Hyunjin pulled her body closer, his arms locking at her waist. Her hands which were previously behind his neck had moved to cup his face in an effort to keep his lips to hers for longer. His lips were so soft and warm on her own.

Hyunjin broke the kiss, resting his forehead on hers, his breathing slightly uneven. He pulled her as he walked backwards until the bed hit his knees and sat down; he gently massaged her hips as he looked up at her with star-filled eyes. She placed her hands on his shoulders as she leaned down and pecked his lips, a smile instantly forming on his lips.

"Lay with me?" He mumbled against her lips, gently tugging at her hips.

She gave in after a few seconds of thinking, "just for a bit okay?" She crawled onto the bed, staying on top of the covers, he pulled her into his chest, his arms securely wrapped around her waist and their legs tangled together.

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