Chapter 28

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Alexander's pov

When jake mentioned Mason's name I clutched my hands tightly. Even if this time I was well prepared deep inside my heart I was still worried. The problem of rogues gas always bothered our clan but this was diffrent. If Mason thinks that this time he can come and try to destroy our pack once again then he is wrong, completely wrong! I will not get away or even stay alive this time. He destroyed my childhood as well as my mate's. I suddenly felt a blazing anger inside me. Mason! Even the name made my blood boil. 'Is the news confirmed?' I asked him in a sharp voice. 'It's not confirmed yet, but there is a very high possibility that it's true. Or else I would not have come. Especially leaving belle alone in the pack.' jake said in a quiet and serious tone. 'I suggest you start preparing your pack right away Alexander.' saying that he stood up. He put put a hand on my shoulder and nodded. I shook his hand and then he took his leave.
I left the office and went for a walk. I had to think about a plan. From tomorrow I had to start training everyone in the pack. Dean had gone to his room as well. We both needed time to think. Mason was gravely injured and nearly killed that night. The fact that we had killed his entire team of rogues. He had a reason to target our pack now. No matter how much my blood boiled I was still worried. Will my pack be trained enough? Will I be able to protect everyone? What was I going to do with the pups? I remembered his last brutal Atta... No no don't start thinking about that now I told myself.

While walking ahead I suddenly heard a melodious laughter. My heartbeat suddenly increased and I turned around and saw the most beautiful sight ever. My Rose. She was talking and playing with little children. She didn't even notice that i was there.

I leaned against a tree and  looked at her. The most precious person for me in this world. Everything about her was beautiful. But then suddenly Mason's thought came in my mind.
If he is going to attack that means that I am putting rose in danger. My mom had already died and now my mate.

No! No! I..... I will not let this happen. My rose. No, I will not let her die because of a filthy rogue I thought furiously walking away. My precious mate. She deserved so... So much more in life.

When I had finally found her I will admit that even if I felt that she was never going to forgive me, somewhere deep inside i had hoped, I had imagined, made plans of things I wanted to do with her and for her.

First- Some really romantic dates, some laid back vacations, walks in the garden, some romantic surprises. Second- Getting married to my queen, I had imagined her in a beautiful white dress walking down the aisle towards me. I wanted to have a family with her, a little princess or a Prince or both but I really wanted kids with her. Lavender had always told me Rose wanted her happy ending, she wanted a Prince charming, a beautiful wedding, a love that lasted forever. I had hoped somewhere to be that even if the chances were still low, probably non existent but still.

Now that I knew that there was a huge possibility that Mason was coming back with a even more fierce attack I had to be prepared, for any situation, even in one where I had to possibly give up my life fighting to save my pack. I was ready to do that without thinking for a second but rose, I was putting her in danger as well.

Now when I looked at the futur, hers looked like the one with light, happiness, dreams, hope while mine showed nothing but darkness and Mason and it felt as if u was taking her by the hand and pulling her into it.

No... Never! I will not let that happen. I will not let her die the way my mom did. I was not willing to hear her screams of pain and I was not ready to put her life in danger. She deserved her happily ever after she had dreamed about, if not with me then with someone else. The thought sounded unpleasant but it was true. All that mattered to me now was her happiness and safety. I looked up at her once again, my beautiful mate. I really did not deserve have someone like her on my life but i promise as long as my heart is beating, every single time it will beat for her, she had a claim on everything I owned, even my breath, as long as i live I will not let any harm come her way. She was truly a rose, a beautiful one and our destinies were the thorns because destiny itself has a nasty sense of humour, the minute I thought things were getting better between the two of us, this trouble came our way.

Maybe this was fate itself punishing me, I will maybe never get love of my mate as I hoped deep in my heart, but I will not let her be in any kind of danger or put her in a position where she has to choose between life and death. I know I will never be her price charming, but as my luna I will be her alpha and protect her and love her till my last breath.
I let out a deep sigh, I will have to now figure out about how to train the pack and warn them. I took one last look at her, and whispered, 'I really, madly, truly love you Rose.' and started walking away because this was probably the first and the last time I will get to say that to her so easily.

Things were about to get tough and a bit dangerous once the news that Mason is back gets confirmed. 100% true. Even if somewhere I know it is no matter how many times I wish it wasn't.

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