marrying my boss taylor lautner..chapter 2

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Chapter 2 :)

im just going to write a lil bit about what happened after that 'marriage proposal' <3

sam's pov..3 yrs after

'mama..i love you'

i turned around and smiled at my 3yr old son whose chubby arms were outsretched at that moment wanting me to carry baby..

'i love you too nate...why are you still awake? its nappy time remember?' i whispered to him as i hugged him close to me..

its been 3 years since that one fateful morning that i took him in my arms and promised to take care of him and be his mother..a responsibilty i also shared with my boss who as of that moment was somewhere in the arms of another woman, or wherever he maybe at that moment i wouldnt care less.

we married 3months shortly after that incident..surprising both our families with the decision and with a baby in our arms. we married in secret and in haste, we didnt want the public to know for fear it would ruin his career, rather i didnt want to ruin his career..i didnt even think that marriage was a solution, i was willing to take care of nate..even adopt him if his mother doesnt come back..but taylor was firm, we will raise nate as a family and nothing could stop that.

i didnt want my private life to be taken away from me and i wanted my son..i mean our son to have a normal life, away from the press and give him the childhood he deserves..we both agreed to leave the country for awhile. i took nate to my relatives in scotland, and we also agreed that taylor will visit him frequently..we had an agreement..i was sacrificing my life for the sake of a baby and i hoped taylor would do the same..

everything was like a fairytale the first few months til a full year..then his visits became less frequent til we saw him once or twice every year..or whenever he would visit..he'll stay for 2 days and nothing more, for me it was fine..hell who was i fooling..i miss him as much as nate misses his daddy. i dont know what went wrong when everything was perfect..we were like a complete family except for the fact that he didnt love was hard having him so close yet i cannot fully call him mine..our marriage was a piece of paper and a pretense for a life that we both choose to protect and to cherish..

'i miss daddy, mama is he very busy?' i heard nate ask me as he played with my braid..

i tried to smile and nodded 'yes, daddy is very busy...he's working love' working my ass..sure he's working..with another girl and always too busy to spend time with his acting like a wife..a jealous wife at that..

nate smiled at me and nodded 'its ok mama..i just miss daddy, he said we'll go fishing when he comes home'

'im sure daddy will be home and you guys will have fun fishing together..' i said in an attempt to keep his hopes up and let him believe that his 'daddy' will come soon..

i didnt have the time to wallow in self pity and longing for someone who doesnt even give a twit about me and someone who doesnt keep his promises..i was hurting not only for me but for a little boy who is blinded by his love for his father..the father who would sing him to sleep and tell him bedtime stories..the father who chased the bad dreams away..and the husband who would look at me with care in his eyes and listen to my thoughts no matter how mundane they are..

i kept myself and nate busy for the rest of the afternoon by baking cookies and cakes..i was dying to try out a new recipe that i'll be selling at my pastry shop in edinburgh..

nate was laughing and squealing in excitement as we were cutting cookies in different shapes..he had a chocolate pudding on his face and im sure i had some on mine too..we were having a blast when i heard a car stop outfront..

'mama!! daddy's home!!' he bounded of the chair before i could even stop him..about time too that his non existent of a father would finally show up..i wonder what made him come..

i heard him squeal and knew he was jumping up and down with excitement and i heard taylor give off a chuckle and who knows what else is he saying..i kept myself busy with the cookies and decided to leave them alone, taylor isnt expecting me to throw myself at his arms anyway..

'mama's baking cookies daddy...and cakes too and im helping her out'

nate was already chattering a hundred words per second about his activities the past few weeks..

'where is mama?' i heard taylor ask him to which the little brat squealed 'mama's in the kitchen daddy'

i didnt have the time to wipe the chocolate on my face for taylor with nate in his arms was already at the door looking at me...

'you have pudding on your face..' he said

i just stared at him  dumbfounded and said 'what?'

he smiled and pointed at my face 'chocolate'

a smile..thats all he has to do and he can turn my thoughts into mush..


tay's pov up next..leave a comment everyone <3

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