The unexpected billionaire

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This is THE FIRST EVER HANAKUYO MAID TEAM STORY EVER IN ALL OF WATTPAD!!!!!!!!!Just wanted to make that clear.Anyway.Shotout to the person that requested me to make a series of this Itstehendz.You want a shoutout?Send me a message(not through the comments of this story!) about an anime or story that I should make next.Itstehendz got me hooked to sadly only 1 season of Hanakuyo maid team......But now let's get started!

You were laying down on your favorite hill.It reminded you of your childhood when your mom and went to play with you.But.......All of that changed when the fire nation attacked-


But all of that changed when your mom and dad left to work overseas.But having a house all to yourself with a good paying 9-5 job?You were doing good for yourself.


You looked up and saw the clouds.

Y/n:Hopefully tomorrow will be the same.

As you were chillin like a villain it went dark.


You opened your eyes to see a girl in a maid outfit looking over you.

You opened your eyes to see a girl in a maid outfit looking over you

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Y/n:Umm hello?

???:Are you Y/n Reeves?Grand son of Keanu Reeves?

Author:Your welcome audience.


Mariel:I'm Mariel.I am here to announce that your Grandfather has passed down his assets to you.

Y/n:To me?

Mariel:Yes.I have prepared a tea and cake while we wait for your helicopter.Please follow me.


Mariel:Hmm?Is something wrong?

Y/n:Uhh.Yeah.I don't exactly know what the heck is happening.

Mariel:Oh.Well your grandfather has expanded his brand.But because of this he needs someone to manage the other half of it.Normally your father would be next in line but he wishes you to be the one to take his place.

Y/n:Huh.That sounds really simple.

Mariel:This way please.

You followed her not to far to another hill where there was a plate with cake and tea.She poured your tea and gave you a slice of cake.

Y/n(mind):I'm not exactly a tea person but it doesn't hurt to try this one.

You sipped the tea as Mariel watched you in hope that you liked it.

Y/n:Hey this is some good tea!

Mariel's worried face became a smilimg one.

Mariel:I'm glad you like it.

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