1. Death at the Hotel

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Yamauchi Hotel, one of the best family run hotels a visitor of Oregon could get on a budget. Great homemade food, cozy rooms, kind staff and a amazing manager. Although the manager is rather strange, not by behavior but on the grounds that she is rather young, twenty-one and fresh out of college young. Ignoring that she's a good manager, firm, smart, pays fair wages, treats non-familial staff like family, and knows how to handle a situation...somewhat professionally.
Which is where the story starts.

September 1, 2012
Asuka Yamauchi was perched atop the ladder replacing a lightbulb in the lobby when a gunshot rang through the area, she looks down and sees her receptionist dead, and a girl attempting to run to the exit. She takes the screwdriver that she had with her and throws it, watching it land directly on the runners left foot, who screams in pain.

Asuka hops off the ladder, and walks over to the runner. "Did you do that?" Asuka inquires, pointing at the cadaver, "What?" she takes the girl's dark sideburn hairs and twists it as hard as possible, "Did you have the audacity" she puts emphasis on the word audacity by twisting harder "to kill my best receptionist?". The girl whimpers in pain before nodding, Asuka sighs before pulling out some zip ties and binding the girl.

"Honey?" a velvety voice called out, "Jun, perfect timing can you call the police if our guests haven't done so already." Asuka states calmly as she stares at the dead body. She sighs "Poor Grace, we were the same age too." Jun joins her, holding her hand, "You okay?" Asuka nods before Jun assures her that the police have already been contacted.

"Your name m'am?" the decent-looking detective asked, "Asuka Yamauchi." Asuka says clearly before slowly spelling it out to the detective as if he was dumb, an old habit of hers but it helped on occasion. "Thank you, and you are the..." he trails a little before trying to piece together her role in this business, he judged based on her attire that she was just a guest until she revealed her relation to the hotel. "I am the manager." she informs Detective Thornton, Asuka then recounts her account of the incident, and states with honesty that she's the reason the killer now has a injured foot. Detective Thornton nods slowly, shocked with her honesty, "Uh, right well we're going to have to ask you stay in-state until this investigation is over." Asuka nods, assuring the older man that she won't be going anywhere. The detective offers his condolences before he leaves with everyone else from the unit following him.

"Mortals like him are so interesting." Asuka says suddenly, Jun looks at his girlfriend in the middle of his purification process. "But honey, we're just like them." Jun points out as he begins to ignite his brass bowl of dried herbs, "Yes, but not entirely, we have divine heritage pumping in our veins. It's the reason why I was able to pickpocket Shiro this morning and why you're able to properly cleanse this room of vengeful spirits." she says as she pours two glasses of wine for them. When Jun finishes he accepts the glass and takes a sip, "This one is sweeter." he states plainly before taking another gulp, "I think it suits you." Asuka says planting a kiss on her boyfriend's cheek, leaving him flustered.

Asuka finishes her drink before going to her apartment, Jun soon finishes his, and follows his girlfriend. He watches as she changes into her pajamas, he admires the muscles on her body, like a well-sculpted statue before disappearing into the bathroom to get ready for bed. When they were both ready, the two crawled into their queen bed, the two kissed, and Asuka moves a lock of black hair from Jun's face, "I love you." she tells her boyfriend, he leans close to kiss her again and responds with "I love you too." she smiles before they both closed to eyes to get some sleep.

September 2, 2012
The next morning Jun wakes up Asuka "Honey wake up." Asuka groans in protest and rolls over, "Honey, there's a lady here who says she is Grace's mother." she peeks over at her boyfriend, a tired and confused look on her face. "Her mom?" Jun nods, Asuka slowly gets up, does a little stretch and follows her boyfriend out the door.

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